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Josie Mendoza

Ten Reasons why Technology is Vital to education - 9 views

started by Josie Mendoza on 23 Apr 12
  • Josie Mendoza
    Here is a link to 10 reasons for technology in education.

    I see these 10 reasons coming true pretty soon. Soon we will see our
    students carrying laptops to their classrooms instead of paper and
    pencils. School Districts will soon do away with books
    because it is more economical to purchase laptops. Students are already collaborating with each other through the internet. And we see ourselves a facilitators as the students learn on their own.
  • Delilah Alegria
    I remember when we had to carry a bunch of textbooks to school, at school, and after school. My backpack was always heavy. I think that laptops are a good solution even though not everyone can afford them. It'd be interesting to see the shift from pencil and paper to a laptop.

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