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Delilah Alegria

Japanese School Tests Robot Teacher - 6 views

technology classroom

started by Delilah Alegria on 08 May 12
  • Delilah Alegria

    Using technology to teach technology
  • Salina V
    Wow, I can only imagine what that would be like if we had that hear. I think thi robot sub teacher is a good idea if they use it the way they are saying in the video, not to replace teachers but to teach student about technology. it really kept the students engaged. The reason I would not recommend this as a sub to teach on anything else with no other adult supervision in the classroom is because kids will be kids. Behavior will be an issue and the robot will not be able to deal with it correctly, or at all. I think it is good to use in a lesson, but not as a replacement for anything.
  • Delilah Alegria
    Those are my exact sentiments. I think it'd be cool for a science class, so that the students can see how far technology has come, but not to actually be the teacher.

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