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Lupita Sanchez

Teaching Coding to Middle and High School - 14 views

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started by Lupita Sanchez on 28 Apr 13
  • Lupita Sanchez
    What do you think of teaching coding (programing code) in Middle school and high school. Do you think students would think in a different manner?
  • Isabel Cabrera
    I agree with Dr. Oz, all students should learn about the basic computer programming. More classes should also be offered to those who want to pursue a career towards computers. This will prepare them for the future, since everything nowadays is all technology based.
  • Lupita Sanchez
    Yes, I agree Isabel students who practice coding would be better prepare for their future. Yet, it also allows students to analyze and problem solve.
  • Juan Betancourt
    Yes, they should be exposed to it. I would really like to teach them at least a few lessons on it. Thanks for the resource.
  • Georgina Salas
    As I was watching this video I remembered that when I was in junior high, middle school, I took a computer class that had to do with coding. I wasn't very good at it because I did not have time to learn the in's and out's of the program. I believe if I had a good teacher for this class I would have loved the program and would have gone in a different direction with my career. I agree that coding should be taught in middle school and high school. Maybe the basics should be brought down to the elementary level. You know what we all say, "kids are sponges that absorb anything that is taught to them." I want to take a class that would show me the correct way to use coding. That would be fun and interesting.
  • Lupita Sanchez
    Agree Cesar if we and all would learn programming students would think in a different manner. They would enjoy math a bit more. And they would be very creative.
  • Conrado Gonzalez
    Loved the video Lupita. This weekend I was just talking about that with a close friend of mine. We both got into programming when we were very little but somehow didn't have the parental support at the time to continue on that path. At the time I could get some things done in BASIC and even PASCAL. I was mentioning to my friend that it is extremely important for kids to "get their hands dirty" with technology so that they can understand the mechanics and in the process become better users of the technology for programming and non-programming purposes.

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