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education technology classroom integrating

started by Sergio Perez on 12 Nov 12
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  • Sergio Perez
    I am one of the hosts for the week, November 11. The website was created to integrate technology into the classroom by offering online tools and resources. Be sure to check out the section 4 Teachers Family of Tools. In this section you will be able to find lessons, quizzes, rubrics, and classroom calendars. Share with the group the tool you would use in your classroom.
  • Crystal Martinez
    I liked this website and the teacher tool that I would use would be the quiz star because a teacher can manage classes and quizzes, attach multimedia files to questions and make quizzes in multiple languages. Since I teach a bilingual class then it would help me tremendously. Great website!
  • R. Palomares
    Sergio this website is very useful. I particularly liked the "4TEACHERS FAMILY OF TOOLS" -Arcademic Skill Builders because it combines both academics and games to build different skills. The only downside to this is that it only goes up to 6 grade but I think it will be very useful for those educators in that level. Another very useful part of this website was the PBL Checklists. I absolutely liked these checklists because it can easily be attached to a PBL lesson to help the students know their responsibilities. Thank you very much for sharing.
  • Blanca Pena
    Hi Sergio: Thank you for the link. I truly enjoyed the video and understand that we as teacher learn from our student everyday. I use the Quizstar and RubiStar on campus and I especially like to use the Arcademic Skill Builder with my 21st century student that I tutor on for Saturday's Academy. It's a fun way of learning math and language arts and the student love the interaction and competition of the game and they forget they are learning... not just playing and having fun. It's a great site and I recommend to all the campus teachers at Pace. Great link! Blanca
  • Sara Aldape
    Very useful website, Sergio. I've used Rubistar before especially when I have my students present. I loved the quizstar teacher tools. Thanks for sharing.

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