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Blanca Pena

I-Need-My-Teachers-to-Learn - 12 views

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started by Blanca Pena on 23 Nov 12
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  • Blanca Pena

    Hi Everyone...Happy Thanksgiving.. It's my week to host and I like to share a video that really touched my heart when I first saw it. I hope you enjoy it and think about the message behind it and way that you can change teacher's minds about the use of technology. I first saw this video a few years ago before I started teaching and I though to myself how sad that teachers fall behind in technology. This is my 5th year teaching in a High School and I find it to STILL be true that not all teacher KNOW how to use technology. As a future MTT, what will you do to make sure your teachers learn and use technology in the classroom to help prepare your student for the future?
  • Yadira Flores
    I really liked the video because what was depicted is a reality for every teacher. In order to be better educators we need to stay up to date on content and technology. The new generation of students needs to be prepared for the modern world. Thanks for sharing.
  • R. Palomares
    Wow, great video! I like the message, "There not one minute to burn!" Technology is moving at a very fast pace and we must ensure that we are kept updated with everything new coming out. One of the things to make sure educators learn and use technology to prepare students for the future is to have learning communities available in our own campuses. Within these learning communities, educators will be trained and updated with the skills needed to adequately and successfully use technology in the classrooms to prepare students for the future. Thanks for sharing.
  • Blanca Pena
    R. Palomares:

    Thank you for your comment and I agree that we must stay current with technology in order to be in the same level of knowledge that our students are in. I like the idea of keep teachers informed of technology through learning communites that the campuses have to offer and I truly hope that the message is conveyed to all, not just the teachers, but administration. Thank you again;.
  • Blanca Pena
    Marivel, you hit nail on the head, teachers are reluctant to using technology and that is why our furture jobs as MTT's is to make them understand how important it is to stay up-to-date and implement technology tools to help bring about a new dimension of learning.
  • Sonia Aldape
    Great video Blanca. I must agree that technology is moving at a fast pace. Nevertheless, as teachers we must keep up with technology and attempt to implement as much web 2.0 tools to keep students engaged. At my campus there has been several teachers that have been excited to learn more about technology but on the other hand there are teachers that are afraid of touching a computer. Those are the teachers that need to be exposed to more technology to show them how it can help the students.
  • Maribel Gracia
    Blanca, great video. Teachers and parents need to be aware with new changes especially in technology. Students are so advance in areas with technology and the world that sometimes we as adults like to stay behind in our own comfortable zones. We always need to be alert and know what our students need from us. Thanks for sharing.

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