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started by Diana Cedillo on 22 Sep 12
  • Diana Cedillo
    I have used this website for about three weeks and recently shared it with my department. As a teacher, you can register your students (easier to use their AR username and passcode if your campus does AR) and create quizzes online. You can create T/F, Multiple Choice, and Short Answer (short answer will not be graded) and select how many points each question is worth. You can also enlarge your font for your students who have modifications. Oh, and there's an option where you can have the results emailed to you once your class is done testing. There are a lot of interesting features offered through this website. Highly recommend! By using this tool, I have made grading easier on myself, and you can too!!
  • Sonia Aldape
    Thanks for sharing this website Diana. Excellent for creating diffierentiated assessments.
  • Saul Mendiola
    Thank you for sharing this website. I teach first grade and by the second semester my students are already testing for Reading and Math online. I sure will try to implement this website for other subjects.
  • Juanita Casanova
    I just reviewed it and registered for it. I hope to be able to start implementing soon in my class.

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