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nora garza

Kids Numbers Math Website - - 13 views

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started by nora garza on 17 Oct 12
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  • nora garza
    Great Math Website! Students can navigate by lessons for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, etc.
  • Victoria Lopez
    This is a great website. I really love that teachers can generate their own worksheets and that students can practice math skills in this fun site that provides games rather than the typical pen and paper activities.
  • R. Palomares
    Nora, this is a great website and resource to share with other teachers because their are numerous educational games that can used to reinforce a lesson taught. Great Resource!
  • Maribel Gracia
    Nora, great website. Its awesome that a teacher can generate the worksheets so they can use them as a resource for their regular classroom or tutorials. Thanks for sharing.....

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