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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Itza Moses

Lisandra Medina

Technology In Your Classroom - 19 views

started by Lisandra Medina on 10 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    Maybe not too technology saavy because on the emphasis on testing this semester, but I've at the least become more conscious and have attempted to integrate technology as opposed to the past where it really didn't matter. When school started I implemented Edmodo for reader response journals, and then in the spring we began using Glogster for main idea and details in a center.
Pedro Torres

The Near Future - 27 views

started by Pedro Torres on 13 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    I absolutely love the idea of this video. Technology is not far from there. It might look unreal now, but it will soon come. I remember when we used to dream of being able to make a phone call and see someone, now we have Skype, and Facetime! The things that we see in movies look impossible, but in due time we will really have those things.
Laura Rivera

Time for Technology? - 22 views

technology classroom
started by Laura Rivera on 02 Apr 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    That would be a great idea Laurie. A technology period would be ideal, where teachers would just be able to integrate the technologies in the classroom without having to take time to show students how to use the technology. A technology class could be used in rotation with PE as an elective. This class would be great just to introduce the students to how to use the applications, then students will be able to apply and integrate into the core subjects.
Itza Moses

Favorite Classroom Technology Application - 23 views

classroom technology
started by Itza Moses on 29 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    Since beginning the MTT program I've become more aware of implementing technology in my classroom. I gradually began by using Edmodo as a way to have my students post reader response journals. I stopped using Edmodo, because not all my students had access to a computer at home and there was not enough time for the students to complete that homework assignment in class. This semester we introduced Glogster. It was an instant hit! Our students love to be able to do work on the computer and still use their reading abilities and learning. I love that I finally found a way to get them to read and write about what they learned! Little by little I hope to be implementing more technology applications in the classroom. What is your favorite classroom technology application?
Adriana G Hernandez

School Library Online Resources - 20 views

technology resources library butler allsemesters
started by Adriana G Hernandez on 21 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    I've used World Book to get articles for my center activities. I have always loved EBSCO and used it through the university. Our library also has access to other things such as Discovery Education and United Streaming. They have excellent virtual field trips and videos of all sorts that are educational.
Adriana G Hernandez

Tablets Haven't Killed the PC Yet -- Campus Technology - - 17 views

started by Adriana G Hernandez on 26 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    I think you're right Adriana. Tablets are definitely the in thing right now. Technology changes so fast. Before when you would walk into an electronic store you would see desktops only. Gradually the laptop started coming in. Today, you go in there and there are limited amount of desktops, a variety of inexpensive and accessible laptops, and an entire section of tablets. There are so many apps available to do a variety of things, before you know it tablets will take over or something better.
Olivet Castillo

Reading Comprehension and Technology - 29 views

reading technology classroom
started by Olivet Castillo on 01 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    Something we've incorporated in our grade level is having our students create glogsters with information they have read. We've use it for different non fiction articles as well as for topics that they've read about in Social Studies class. Students actually want to read so that they are able to create a glogster and use the computer. This is a great tool to use in the classroom, although it's not free. I was fortunate enough to have my campus administrator reimburse me for the purchase of the license.
Salina V

Week 8 discussion - 38 views

technology classroom integrating
started by Salina V on 06 Mar 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    One of the biggest problems that I saw in our STaR chart was the teaching and learning. Teachers were not very aware of how to integrate technology. They know it is something they have to do but are unaware of how to do it. I know one of the problems I see in my classroom with using Web 2.0 is that some requires certain plug ins to be installed and in order to install anything you must be an administrator. THis causes a lot of problems because another area of concern in our campus STaR chart was the time it takes technology to respond to requests.

How has becoming an MTT change you? - 45 views

tech classroom
started by Claudia MARQUEZ on 19 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    With this program I've know realized how little technology opportunities I was providing for my students. Like Claudia mentioned I thought that by me using the SMART Board that was technology integration. Since beginning the program I've discovered new ways of using technology in classroom activities, like using Edmodo for class discussions and reader response, also using Glogster as a center activity instead of paper and pencil. This last week for our performance assessment I had the students using a Flip Camera to record a "pseudo" news cast interviewing a character from a story. THey really enjoy these types of activities.
Maria Izquierdo

Web 2.0 - 31 views

started by Maria Izquierdo on 06 Feb 12 no follow-up yet
  • Itza Moses
    You're right Maria, teachers are afraid of using technology because it is the unknown. What we don't see sometimes is that sometimes the students know way more than what some of us do. We should definitely use this to our advantage in the classroom.
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