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Ana A. Cavazos

Digital Footprints and Digital Dossier - 25 views

Digital Citizenship Classroom Education 21st century skills technology

started by Ana A. Cavazos on 17 Mar 13
  • Ana A. Cavazos

    How do these videos shape the foundation that students need to have as they continue to "grow" their digital dossier with the technology devices and access to a world of information which we provide in our classrooms?
  • Dara Cepeda
    OMG!!! That is so true, we are NOT safe no more :( I get very scared of all the information it appears when I google my name. Pictures, work, webpages I wasn't really aware of appear in a matter of seconds. We need to teach our students Digital Citizenship and Digital make sure they never post a real name. I have a class website and sometimes get paranoia for just posting their pictures (I have permission from parents) but never put their names on them. Still they have to learn about the danger of publishing personal information on the internet.
  • Isabel Cabrera
    When I first started these classes, I was so skeptical about putting my information out there. After awhile I kept signing in to many web 2.0 technologies and posting my pictures and using Facebook that it becomes the norm and you put it all behind you that you forget the dangers that are out there like identity theft. Students need to now that whatever pics or videos they send through their cell phones can easily be uploaded to the Internet in a matter of seconds. There have already been incidences where HS girls post personal photos of themselves to their boyfriends and when they get into a fight, those images are uploaded in spite of and they are hurt and betrayed. It is known as cyber bullying and can cause someone a great deal of emotional distress that can lead to suicides.
  • Isabel Cabrera
    To Adam, I think when something happens to these students they will remember the crazy old man that told them to be careful what they post. I have a teenager as well and I tell him, but he thinks I am overprotective, over exaggerating and crazy as well. They think they are invisible and that they are young and that is what they do and want to share with others. We can just let them know the facts and educate them and hope that it sinks in and be cautious when they are about to post something they may be doubtful, hopefully they will think twice about uploading it.

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