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Elena Gamova

Adaptive Learning Systems - 18 views

  • Educational software and systems are not easily usable for many learners and educators, and for that matter present obstacles for educational institutions.
  • The necessary business models and key transactions that enable the missions of knowledge-driven institutions are not yet adapted to computers and distributed systems. Equally problematic: educational networks do not yet offer sufficiently high reliability to become a viable alternative to many educational media, such as desktop systems or traditional classroom techniques.
  • In the current environment, end users will have to wait some time yet until many technological advances such as virtual reality and distributed simulation become preferred tools among trainers and educators.
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  • The program emphasizes comprehensive infrastructure solutions that are both flexible and scalable with respect to all fundamental aspects of information network-based instruction. Four key research areas are:
Trevor Cunningham

NUMBER SYSTEMS by Petra Marjai on Prezi - 3 views

    A nice little Prezi. The subject of number systems is smartly presented.
Michelle Kassorla

Omniglot - 87 views

    The Online Encyclopedia of Writing Systems and Languages Alphabets and other writing systems Writing & Speech | Types of writing systems | Abjads | Alphabets | Alphasyllabaries | Syllabaries | Semanto-phonetic scripts | Undeciphered scripts | Alternative scripts | A-Z index | Direction index Constructed scripts For natural languages | For conlangs | Phonetic scripts | Adapted scripts | Fictional scripts Languages Tips on learning languages | Language-related articles | Celtic languages | Alphabetic index | Index by writing system | Videos Language learning software | Learn Hebrew online Multilingual pages Useful phrases | Idioms | Numerals | Numbers | Colours | Kinship terms | Signs | Tongue twisters | Language names | Country names | UDHR | Tower of Babel | Songs
Holly Barlaam

Atlas of the Human Body - 126 views

    Never before seen pics of atlas of the human body...realllllly cool pics with accompanying information. Great for biology, anatomy & physiology, etc.
Cresencia F

Layered Information Systems - KMD2003 - Confluence - 7 views

  • whether disparate layers of information can create a common universal layer
    This is the Layered Information Systems main theme page in the CTL1926/KMD2003H graduate cours wiki.
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