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Jeff Andersen

Yes, Your Syllabus Is Way Too Long - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 23 views

    If you're a faculty member, you've spent the last few weeks preparing your syllabus for the spring semester. You've updated the document and added a little to it. This latest round of edits may have pushed your syllabus another page longer - most now run about five pages, though nearly every campus has lore of some that exceed 20. Lamentations about syllabus bloat started emerging about seven years ago in moods ranging from nostalgia to bemusement to curiosity to irritation to full-blown ideological critique. Based on 20 years of serving on curriculum committees and working with academics across the disciplines on teaching, I agree that, yes, the typical syllabus has now become a too-long list of policies, learning outcomes, grading formulas, defensive maneuvers, recommendations, cautions, and referrals. As a writing-center director who has encouraged instructors to add a pitch for tutoring services, I'm complicit.
Randolph Hollingsworth

sample reality / videogame studies syllabus for Honors course at Geo Mason U ... - 2 views

    Videogames in Critical Contexts (HNRS 353) syllabus for George Mason University uploaded to GitHub by Mark Sample - see also his CHE article on this at
Kelvin Thompson

Designing a 21st Century Syllabus - 180 views

    Design tips for designing a more engaging syllabus
    I really like your ideas! Somehow, changing my syllabus had not occurred to me - what program did you use to create yours?
Alex Halavais

Search Engine Society » Syllabus - 0 views

    I'm just getting into the swing of Diigo myself, but I'm using it for a couple of grad seminars this semester.
    Syllabus for the new grad seminar I'm teaching that follows the argument of my new book.
Kelvin Thompson

A Graphic Syllabus Can Bring Clarity to Course Structure | Faculty Focus - 17 views

    A Graphic Syllabus Can Bring Clarity to Course Structure
scott L

Beyond McLuhan: Your New Media Studies Syllabus - 102 views

    syllabus from a PhD level class at rutgers on the new medias
Nigel Coutts

In Online Learning, Don't Start with a Virtual "Syllabus Day" - The Learner's Way - 49 views

    Sadly, many students have come to expect that there will nothing of consequence addressed on the first day of an on-campus class. It's often referred to as "Syllabus Day" because that is the only content of consequence presented by the instructor.
Thieme Hennis

Fall 2013: The Headless ds106 Syllabus - 24 views

    the headless MOOC about digital storytelling. interesting (and experimental) setup that relies on volunteers to fill in the course syllabus and content (partially then)
Tracy Tuten

21st Century Teaching and Learning: Time For An Extreme Syllabus Make-Over? - 6 views

    How to redesign a syllabus for today's learners
battistellij - 8 views

    Biology 151 syllabus
Jim Julius

PDF Course Schedule Builder - 165 views

    Free tool using a remarkable Adobe PDF form allowing instructors to create a module-based course schedule (as you might include in a syllabus, on a website, or as a handout). 
H DeWaard

The Pedagogy Project | HASTAC - 45 views

    shaking up the syllabus, projects and assessments to change how courses are designed and delivered in higher ed
Tom Johnson

Virtual Community and Social Media - What important issues are raised by the use of soc... - 1 views

    Fine example of using cMap to deliver syllabus.
battistellij - 11 views

    BIOL152 Syllabus equivalent
Maya Salganek

Administrative Issues in Distance Education | iTeach - 0 views

    eLearning Syllabus differs from traditional syllabus as it requires research time, participation, collaboration, and other factors to determine the time to instruction rubric to determine credit
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