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Eugene Van der Westhuizen

Teachers: Math in Videogames ~ Activities : Get The Math - 75 views

  • Math in Videogames Lesson Plan
  • Math in Videogames Lesson Plan
  • Math in Videogames Lesson Plan
    Maths in video games - lesson plan
Bobbie Thibodeau

Bypassing the Textbook: Video Games Transform Social Studies Curriculcum | MindShift - 84 views

    analyzing games as a source?
Steve Kelly

A Game With Heart, Gone Home Is A Bold Step In Storytelling : All Tech Considered : NPR - 53 views

  • A Game With Heart, Gone Home Is A Bold Step In Storytelling
  • Let me just get this out of the way: Gone Home is one of the most deeply intimate and emotionally honest gaming experiences I've had in my more than 25 years of playing video games.
  • Though more of a story exploration game or a piece of interactive short fiction, Gone Home (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) weaves its touching story with such deft and narrative grace that it is hard not to be sucked in immediately.
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  • Billed as a "story exploration game," Gone Home has users exploring an empty house and piecing together why no one is home.
Roland Gesthuizen

Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games | Video on - 61 views

    Who Knew!
    "How do fast-paced video games affect the brain? Step into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier to hear surprising news about how video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help us learn, focus and, fascinatingly, multitask. Daphne Bavelier studies how the brain adapts to changes in experience, either by nature or by training."

NuSkool- uses pop culture to enhance learning - 3 views

    Gr6-12 "If students could develop their school's curriculum this is what it would look like. Find lessons that teach core academic subjects through popular culture including Math, Science, English, History and many more!"
Randolph Hollingsworth

sample reality / videogame studies syllabus for Honors course at Geo Mason U ... - 2 views

    Videogames in Critical Contexts (HNRS 353) syllabus for George Mason University uploaded to GitHub by Mark Sample - see also his CHE article on this at

On The Media: Transcript of "The Influence of Gaming" (December 31, 2010) - 25 views

    Some students may actually be picking up positive traits from being a "gamer".
Michele Brown

University class swaps grades for experience points - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games - 40 views

    University professor applies game desgin principles to his college classes. No grades. Instead experience points along with quests, crafting and guilds.
Steve Ransom

Study proves conclusively that violent video game play makes more aggressive kids | Eur... - 27 views

    method -- that is experimental, correlational, or longitudinal -- and regardless of the cultures tested in this study [East and West], you get the same effects," said Anderson, who is also director of Iowa State's Center for the Study of Violence. "And the effects are that exposure to violent video games increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior in both short-term and long-term contexts. Such exposure also increases aggressive thinking and aggressive affect, and decreases prosocial behavior."
Steve Ransom

Is Video Game School Training a Generation of Professional Princess Rescuers? | Design ... - 17 views

  • Is this really necessary? And how promising is it?
    A very well-intentioned, but ignorant piece on the role of video games in the classroom. Non-educators should stay out of the education arena and write what they know about!! "On the other hand, does it really take a videogame to make learning fun? Surely, there are better ways, which are less likely to be dated the second they're finished."
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