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Steve Ransom

Education Rethink: Kids Don't Actually Hate That - 6 views

    A great post to get one thinking about what it is that kids actually hate...
Jennie Snyder

No Name-Calling Week: Cultivating Kindness and Playgrounds of Respect | Edutopia - 16 views

  • They recognized that the only real solution for the "bad stuff" was building a solid foundation of the good: the empathy, connections and healthy relationships that create effective learning communities and bolster individual happiness and success. Accountability and amends are key, but discipline, punishment and "zero-tolerance policies" are not the answer.
  • This approach to learning benchmarks students' development of empathy and understanding of others, their ability to form positive relationships and demonstrate effective approaches to conflict resolution as well as other critical qualities.
  • No Name-Calling Week provides a critical opportunity to bolster the empathy and understanding that underlie respect of others from the earliest years and evoke the joyful sounds of all children as they play on playgrounds of respect.
    Not zero tolerance, but rather full inclusion. 

Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement | Edutopia - 35 views

    What students think.... and they are correct.
    What students say engages them in the classroom.
    Students were asked "What engages you in school?" This article discusses the results.
Tu Loan Trieu Trieu

Ensuring our Own Obsolescence | PCHSdirectorBLOG - 3 views

    - a response to Will Richardson's post on "My Teacher is an App"
Steve Ransom

Middle School Students Find Their Voice with Digital Cameras | Edutopia - 90 views

    Wow... a must read. When technology is used in powerful ways to make learning and thinking about the world relevant, great things happen!
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