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Sydney Lacey

Marzano Center - Education and Evaluation Resources - 43 views

    Many resources (Papers, Articles, and Research)
Eric Arbetter

Student Engagement: 5 Ways To Get - and Keep - Your Students' Attention - Marzano Center - 152 views

    A brief article on ways to increase and/or maintain student engagement.

Putting the Pieces Together - 115 views

    Great ideas and links for each strategy.
John Lustig

esu3smartboards - Marzano Strategies - 187 views

    Non-Linguistic Example.notebook
Roberta Bandfield

Research : For Educators : Promethean. - 39 views

    Dr. Robert Marzano's Evaluation Study on Promethean's ActivClassroom Effect on Student Achievement shows that "Effective teaching practices combined with interactive classroom technologies significantly boosts student academic performance." It was commissioned by Promethean, so take it with a grain of salt, but the actual report looks fairly convincing. I would need somebody with more expertise in statistics to verify the research methods, though.
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    Interesting research
    You have to assume two things when looking at this research....1. People have had adequate training using the Promethean boards using effective teaching practices, and 2. that the teacher has good teaching practices in place. The other thing to consider, could we get the same or better results using a Document camera, laptop, & LCD projector? I bet we could and it's a lot cheaper solution.
    We call those 'extraneous' variables. Another point to consider is, was it the actual Promethean board? or can we extend these results to include other interactive whiteboards, such as SMART? Just wondering.
Todd Williamson

Education Week's Digital Directions: Whiteboards' Impact on Teaching Seen as Uneven - 31 views

  • That finding highlights one of Marzano’s key conclusions from the study. The teachers who were most effective using the whiteboards displayed many of the characteristics of good teaching in general: They paced the lesson appropriately and built on what students already knew; they used multiple media, such as text, pictures, and graphics, for delivering information; they gave students opportunities to participate; and they focused mainly on the content, not the technology.
    • Todd Williamson
      Interesting list of "good teaching" practices in an explanation of IWB use
    Article presenting both sides of the IWB story: excellent teaching tool or expensive chalkboard?
Russ Goerend

ASCD Inservice: Practice, Practice, Practice (Or: Homework, Homework, Homework?) - 1 views

  • Homework needs to be completed in order to produce the highest achievement gains. Design it with ease of completion in mind. A large amount of homework does not result in better learning. Homework should be academically purposeful, not a punishment or a symbol of the seriousness of study. Homework should be explicitly tied to the current learning goals of the class. Homework should be able to be completed without adult assistance. Parents or guardians should not be expected to act as content experts. Parents should, however, be provided with clear homework guidelines. Assignments that involve using the parents' expertise or personal experiences (such as interviews) are often successful.
Glenda Baker

Web 2.0 Tools - Web 2.0 That Works: Marzano & Web 2.0 - 10 views

    Marzano's resource list of digital tools and what they 'get at'
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