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Martin Burrett

The independence of independence by @SarahLWilliam11 - 4 views

    "Independent learning is something that has to be instilled in a student from the moment they interact with you. Independent learning affords them independence in everything that they do and will do. Some might think that if the above is promoted far too much then surely there will be no requirement for teachers? I suppose soon everyone will be taken over by robots and we will all grow gills and live under the sea! It is farcical to suggest that students don't need teachers. Without my teacher telling me how fabulous learning is and how getting an education will open so many doors for me, I wouldn't be where I am today. I am so proud of what I have achieved considering I was told I was 'not academic'."
Martin Burrett

Solo: Learning Independently - 9 views

    "We are social creatures. In most respects humans are an unremarkable species without many amazing abilities, such as great strength, big teeth or flying. But we have each other, and as a result we have prospered. The same is true in the classroom. We can do great things went we work together, but that is only true went we can work independly first. Independent learning doesn't necessararily mean that you must hide away in your hermitage without the aid of the outside world, but instead means that you decide your own path and what resources you need to travel sucessfully along it."
Martin Burrett

School librarians helping children become independent learners with parental support by... - 13 views

    "As a parent, I have always been able to help my children find good sources of information in order to do their homework. How do I know where to find the best information? Do I have some inside knowledge that most parents don't? Yes! How? I am a librarian… I have long believed that if parents knew about the resources available from their school library to support their children's homework they would be relieved and happy. They would be able to guide them to use these good tools without worrying about quality or reliability. Many of our resources go unused for two reasons, firstly, many teachers and students do not know about these resources, how easy they are to use and reference and secondly, parents don't know they exist."

Annotopia: Choices for children: why and how to let students decide - 2 views

    Kamii, C. (1991). Toward autonomy: The importance of critical thinking and choice making. School Psychology Review, 20(3), 382-388.
Michele Brown

Declaration of Independence - 1 views

    Read the full transcript of this pivotal document online, along with interesting historical information surrounding its creation and signing.
Chai Reddy

Let Kids Rule the School - - 110 views

  • We want young people to become independent and capable, yet we structure their days to the minute and give them few opportunities to do anything but answer multiple-choice questions, follow instructions and memorize information. We cast social interaction as an impediment to learning, yet all evidence points to the huge role it plays in their psychological development.
  • They named their school the Independent Project.
  • Finally, they embarked on a collective endeavor, which they agreed had to have social significance.
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  • They are remarkable because they demonstrate the kinds of learning and personal growth that are possible when teenagers feel ownership of their high school experience, when they learn things that matter to them and when they learn together.
Michele Amato

The History Place - Conflict and Revolution 1775-1776 - 24 views

    The next timeline site for 1775-1776.
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