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Roland Gesthuizen

Dealing with students who come late to class - Google Docs - 137 views

    "Classroom management is a whole process. Being a teacher, you have to keep an eye on a number of factors to make your class organized, disciplined and managed. You have to deal with noisy students, disruptive students and late students."
Roland Gesthuizen

Why are some teachers always late? « one year - 58 views

  • there are too many negatives to chronic lateness for most people to do it deliberately
  • the latemonger is actually in need of help and is not receiving it. Psychologist Dr. Linda Sapadin, author of ‘Master Your Fears’, agrees. The consequences of being chronically late run deeper than many people realize.
    "Why can some people never seem to be on time? You probably know such people, perhaps only too well.  Indeed, I shouldn't rule out the possibility that if you're reading this that you are one of those people.  As I indicated, everybody is late now and then, but I'm talking about those people who habitually show up after a meeting has started, or after the hour that was designated for the meeting to begin."
Roland Gesthuizen

Why Are Some People Always Late? (And Other Human Puzzles) | Psychology Today - 30 views

  • Try turning the question around:  How do other people usually get where they need to go on time?  What steps do they take to avoid being late?  First, they check the clock every so often, particularly when they know there's a deadline approaching.  They estimate how much time they'll need to get wherever they're going and thus what time they'll need to leave where they are.  They pause to figure out how long it will take to finish what they're currently doing and get ready for whatever is coming next.  And then they adjust their behavior accordingly
  • I suspect that those who chronically show up late don't do these things.  Perhaps they have a tendency to lose themselves in whatever they're currently doing and don't discover what time it is until it's too late.
    "why some people never seem to be on time.  Surely you know such people, perhaps quite well.  Indeed, if you can overcome a rising bubble of defensiveness, you may admit that you are one of those people.  Everyone is late now and then, of course, but I'm talking about folks who habitually show up after an event has started.."
Roland Gesthuizen

not being late « advancedetiquette - 13 views

  • Once you recognize this as a bad habit, only then will you be on the road to recovery.
  • Monitor your progress at the end of each day in writing and make written notes of any adjustments you need to improve. Just thinking about it doesn’t cut it, because your thoughts are too easily forgotten.
    "On the surface, people who are constantly late don't seem to care about themselves or others, no matter how many times they are scolded and joked about. It just goes in one ear and out the other. So what can be done?"
Roland Gesthuizen

Always Late? Learn to Be On Time and to Stop Making Excuses for Being Late - 1 views

  • the first step is to make promptness a conscious priority. "Look at the costs of being late and the payoffs of being on time,"
  • Once you feel motivated to make a change, Morgenstern says the next step is to figure out why you're always late. The reason can usually be classified as either technical or psychological.
    "For some people, being on time seems nearly impossible -- no matter how important the event. They're always running out the door in a frenzy, arriving everywhere at least 10 minutes late. If this sounds like you, have you ever wished you could break the pattern?"
Roland Gesthuizen - 66 views

    "If you are tardy you must sign this form or you will be marked absent. If you have a note, please attach it to this clipboard."
Steve Ransom

David Truss :: Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts » Late penalties are 'off the m... - 30 views

    When is it appropriate to penalize students with grade reduction for submitting work late and when is it not?
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