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Greta Oppe

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started by Greta Oppe on 17 Feb 11
  • Greta Oppe

    Going Google at TCEA 2011


    Amidst the freezing weather, teachers were amazed, astonished, and astounded by the things teachers and students can do using Google Apps.

    One of these Apps is Google Docs. When you think “documents,” the first idea that pops in your head is probably Microsoft Word. Imagine this scenario: at school, a student creates a Word document for his book report. He is not able to finish it so he has to save it in his flash drive. When he gets home, he is not able to open and work on his document since he does not have Microsoft Word installed. With Google Docs, you can create, save, and publish your work – be it a word processor document, spreadsheet, or a presentation all online so you have access to it from any computer or device with an internet connection. You can also create and maintain calendars, flash cards, forms, surveys, sign-up sheets, and even formative and summative assessments. Key features include the ability to share and collaborate with other people while working on these documents in real time, online storage, compatibility with almost any platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), and its price: free.

    Here are great presentations filled with ways Google Apps can be used in the classroom: and For an example of an entire school district using Google Apps, go to Conroe ISD's website:

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