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Steve Ransom

Why taking choir kept me from being a Valedictorian: Austin Channell at TEDxColumbus - ... - 36 views

    My own kids already feeling these pressures. It robs them of experience, well-rounded education, following their passions, and robs the Arts programs.
Steven Szalaj

Why taking choir kept me from being a Valedictorian: Austin Channell at TEDxColumbus - ... - 44 views

    This is about more than just taking choir in high school - it is a fundamental problem in our educational system examined here by a high school senior. Only 12 minutes long.  When my sons were in HS (they graduated in the mid 1990's), I remember their discussions of just exactly this problem. He offers some solutions, but no quick fixes.
William Fricke

American Rhetoric: Edward M. Kennedy - Eulogy for Robert F. Kennedy - 1 views

  • We loved him as a brother, and as a father, and as a son.
    • William Fricke
      Identifies himself as part of mourning family.
    Historical Precis 1
Brian Peoples

The Enduring Vision | ACE Practice Tests - 2 views

    ACE Practice tests
Brian Peoples

HippoCampus US History - AP US History I - Homework Help - 2 views

    Comprehensive online textbook
mike van kerkhove

bozemanscience - 47 views

  • Lewis diagrams are a two-dimensional representations of covalent bonds and the VSEPR models show how the molecule could exist in three dimensional space.
    • mike van kerkhove
      And click on Biology
    • mike van kerkhove
      Click on Videos
    Home of exception video-podcasts for AP Biology by Paul Anderson.  
Jay Swan

Virtual Cell Animation Collection - 120 views

    Awesome collection of downloadable cell animations.
Suzanne Nelson

NoodleTools : NoodleQuest - 92 views

    Helps find search engines best suited to your research needs.
Greg Brandenburg

Advanced Placement CS using J# and .NET - 0 views

    Supporting APCS using Microsoft J# as the IDE
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