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Duolingo: Home - 49 views

shared by mrtomak on 12 Apr 14 - No Cached
    Duolingo is an intuitive, fun way to learn languages! It contains a variety of activities for both audio and visual learning. It's easy to incorporate this free, cloud-based program into your daily routine.
Deborah Baillesderr

FlexMath - Home - 98 views

    This site is great! It includes objectives, math vocab, modeling problems, exercises, differentiated problems, student self-eval, writing component, and homework. Best of all it's FREE!
Dimitris Tzouris - 17 views

  • is an edX destination. We're working to help educational institutions, businesses and teachers easily build and host courses for the world to take. "
Siri Anderson

EduKateme | Lead. Influence - 29 views

    St. Catherine University Education Department blog for online graduate students and faculty.
    Enjoy a recorded webinar on how to use KidBlog with your K-12 students with co-creator Matt Hardy.
Lisette Casey

Braingenie - 112 views

    More from CK12 - STEM Initiative

Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal on Teaching & Technology | Home - 76 views

    Informative and thought-provoking articles regarding hybrid learning (or all learning, as they rightfully state).
    Thanks for the boost Caitlin! We are excited that the journal's approach to critical and digital pedagogy has some resonance. Join us in the comments or, better yet, submit an article idea or draft for publication.
Kalin Wilburn

Digital Learning Day :: Home - 67 views

    you tube intro to digital learning day
    Join us as we create a national awareness campaign to celebrate innovative teachers and instructional strategies. Technology has changed the way we do everything from grocery shopping, to listening to music, and reading books. It's time to take action to leverage this potential with more innovative uses of technology in our nation's schools to ensure every student experiences personalized learning with great teaching.
Beth Panitz

Educational Games, Videos, Activities for Middle School, Elementary and High School Stu... - 86 views

    A collection of free online activities by subject area.
    Collection of online learning games and activities grades K-12
Erin Warham

Online Learning is so last year… | 21st Century Collaborative - 97 views

  • It requires us to continually reinvent ourselves, to stay on top of where research and practice meet and to balance the desire for easy and structured with messy and self-directed.
  • are people confusing talking to people online with deep, connected learning?
  • If all I do is network I do not shift or grow because I am missing the opportunity to go deep and actually learn by doing. It takes both: Networks and Community. Online, global communities of practice and f2f learning communities in my local context.
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  • Personal Learning Networks are one of the three prongs necessary to be a do it yourself learner in today’s world.
  • those of us who are online learning prefer networks. Networks like we have on Twitter or other electronic spaces where we can share short snips of conversations and where our ideas are met with like minded support and agreement
    • A Gardner
      Are we settling for 'like minded' instead of seeking a little opposition to ensure the validity of our choices?
    "Is there value in knowing how to start, lead, implement, empower, and use online communities for the type of collaboration that is going to provide significant shift? The kind where we all bring our best giftings to the table and use them together to create something new and powerful. Are online communities the focus or merely the venue through which we learn?"
Siri Anderson

Great Rope Escape - Magic Tricks For Kids - Activity TV - 38 views

    Mini lessons/activities for learners in K-8 demonstrated with video tutorials. Topics include: Magic, Science, Paper Airplanes, Cartooning, Crafts, Origame, Cooking, Puppets
Tony Baldasaro

Colby College | Colby Magazine | Summer 2009 - 0 views

    Professor Cal MacKenzie writes about the potential power of computer-based learning at Colby College.
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