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Tricia Rodriguez

Modus rolls out 'green' modular learning environments - Manufacturing - The Southwest B... - 26 views

    • Tricia Rodriguez
      Interesting that a module classroom could be an individual classroom akin to a "portable" classroom.  Revolution the building of classrooms as well as the theory of what goes on within them.
Tricia Rodriguez

Modular Learning Ireland, Science & Technology Module University Subjects Ireland - 32 views

    • Tricia Rodriguez
      This is the future of education
  • flexible learning
  • Up-skilling/retraining
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  • professional development requirements
    • Tricia Rodriguez
      Student centered--> Meeting the student where they stand at this moment in time
Jon Tanner

Learning Registry | sharing what we know - 35 views

    "The learning registry is a new approach to capturing, connecting and sharing data about learning resources available online with the goal of making it easier for educators and students to access the rich content available in our ever-expanding digital universe."
Lauren Rosen

C. M. Rubin: The Global Search for Education: More Technology, Please! - 0 views

  • Rotation model is any time students rotate on a fixed schedule between online learning and other modalities for any given course. In the Flex model, student schedules are more fluid and content and instruction are delivered primarily by the Internet. The Self-Blend model is any time students take one or more courses entirely online to supplement their traditional courses. The Enriched-Virtual model involves students dividing their time within each course between attending campus and learning remotely online.
    • Lauren Rosen
      Models for Blended learning
  • unfair that a huge percentage of what teachers have been taught is irrelevant in this learning environment
  • The attraction of blending online learning into schools is that online learning allows for modularity
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  • the teacher was no longer there to "punish them" or "grade them down". Instead the teacher was there to help them reach their goal. This is much more of an environment built around success and motivation versus failure.
  • computers are able to do what computers do well. Humans are freed up to do what humans do best.
  • Assessment needs to be based on where each individual child started and then grew to and finally ended up in a particular year, versus a snapshot once a year view of an entire school
    Models for blended learning and how it changes the learning environment for students and educators. Discusses what works and what needs to change in our system.
Tricia Rodriguez

The Accelerated Modular Learning Project: The Evolution into Web-based Courses - 49 views

    • Tricia Rodriguez
      To consider about the students: Time, place and style of learning.
  • Information and knowledge
  • paradigm shift
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  • formal kind of learning
  • lifelong learning
  • job, learning from others, learning constantly, learning in any place, and at any time.
    • Tricia Rodriguez
      Types of learning: job, from others (group), mobile
  • how to reconfigure courses into modules
  • enhance the learning process
  • ncorporation of multimedia
  • other technologies
  • 1997-98 academic year
    • Tricia Rodriguez
      Is the goal to move up this chain or to have a wide variety of types?
  • online, multimedia presentations and interactive exercises with instructors and peers
  • synchronous and asynchronous learning,
    • Tricia Rodriguez
      This sound very similar to the CTER program at U of I.
  • attendance by students is not required
  • materials are being developed throughout the semester
  • online testing, various forms of assessment, and groupware discussions.
  • fail a module exam are required to retake the exam
  • two scores are averaged.
  • Students are able to learn at their own pace,
  • progress
  • take the lead
  • help others reinforce what they have learned.
  • enhancing/extending
  • learner-centered environment
  • pace to match individual learning needs and styles
  • Web-presence
  • support new learning environments
  • increasing on/off-campus access to the teaching-learning community
    • Tricia Rodriguez
      And here is where you can see that this was written in 1998 :)
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