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Martin Burrett

Dropbox - 0 views

    "Essential cloud storage so you can access your files from anywhere and share them easily with colleagues. Sync your files so you can access them both online and offline. Download the iOS and Android apps to use on the go."
Martin Burrett

Copy - 38 views

    More and more people are throwing away their USB memory sticks (but probably just losing them down the back of the sofa) in favour of cloud storage. This is a wonderful storage site, download and multi-platform app which is very similar to Dropbox. A synced folder sits on you devices and can be updated and accessed from any device. You can generating a url to share folders or files with other people. It works just fine on a computer with Dropbox already installed and the free account gives you 15GB of storage. That's enough storage where 'tidy' filing schools might begin to migrate their school network storage to the cloud for free - and that's exciting. Additional storage is available for a price.
    Hi Martin, I really like your explanation of cloud storage. I have an account with Cloud and it's one service out of many that is in my cloud storage portfolio. Take care, Tony
Kate Pok

Google Drive and Dropbox Cloud Storage Services Compared - 92 views

  • It’s early in the life of Google Drive, but Gmail has so many users that I think a lot of them will switch, or at least add Google Drive to their digital tools. Google Drive is a new player in file syncing, but the user base and integration of Google Docs gives Google’s new service an edge. Factor in the cheaper storage upgrade pricing and Google Drive is a better fit for users that need more than 5GB of storage. Dropbox still has an edge thanks to iPhone and iPad apps, but Google promises that Google Drive for the iPhone and iPad is just weeks away. With both services offering free storage, there’s no reason not to try both. Stream your music from Dropbox and store your documents and images in Google Drive. You get 10GB for free that way.
    • Jay Reimer
      I just started using Sugarsync which offers more flexibility for sharing individual folders. I am right now using a single subscription (I liked it so much!) to syn my Mac at home with my PC and my Mac at work as well as my wife's Mac at work to my personal Mac (with her login on it). It does all that without problems. I dropped Dropbox when I found, using it as a teacher, that students could take files OUT of Dropbox if they had shared access :( That caused a couple problems ... I like Google Docs "can see but not edit" option to prevent that. I like Google Drive for the potential to make your Google Docs work offline - though I have not tried that yet. However it is frustrating that if you rename or Move the Google Drive folder that Google loses track of the folder; kind of wimpy for a Google Application.... Jay
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