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Kathleen N

Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud: RESPONSIVENESS - 0 views

    • Kathleen N
      Doesn't take much, does it?
  • "So some teachers got a page that showed that no student selected them?" I asked. "Yes," the storyteller informed me. "We thought every teacher needed to know how they were perceived by the students. We simply gave them the information."
    At this point each professional staff member was asked to select one student from the list who had indicated no relationship with a teacher. Care was taken to make sure each student was selected by someone. Throughout the year teachers were asked to reach out in special ways to this student. Their efforts included:
    1. Send three "I noticed…." statements a week.
    2. Give one eye-hug a day (sustained eye contact ending with a smile).
    3. Give two physical touches a week (high-five, pat on the back, shoulder squeeze, handshake).
    4. Use the person's name every day.
    5. Be in their proximity three times a week (other than in the classroom).
    6. Ask them for help once a week
    7. Ask their opinion about something once a week.
    Great post with true anecdote on a ms program to improve climate
    "One hundred and twenty-one students filled out the forms. Some students listed several teachers. Others mentioned one or two. Twenty-five middle schoolers listed no teacher they felt they had a positive relationship with."
Bill Graziadei, Ph.D. (aka Dr. G)

How I Use Twitter at Volume | - 0 views

    A recurring question I get from Twitter users shortly after I follow them back is, How can you follow xx,000 people? (the number on November 11th is 16,928,
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