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Paul Beaufait

Cyberbullying Warning Signs - 47 views

    This PDF lists indications that children are involved in cyberbullying, either as victims or instigators. © 2009 Cyberbullying Research Center
Steve Ransom

Should Professors Allow Students to Use Computer Devices in the Classroom? | HASTAC - 25 views

  • One final comment, a funny one.  On Monday, in my "Twenty-First Century Literacies" class where laptops are required for a whole range of experiments and inclass collaborative work, I caught one of my students with his laptop open and with a book propped secretly inside it, reading away in his book when he should have been paying attention.   So maybe that's the next class, "Should Professors Allow Students to Use BOOKS in the Classroom Devised for Computer Learning?"   I'm being facetious but that's the point.  A book is a technology too.   How and when we use any technology and for what purpose are the questions we all need to ask.
  • Do you see the difference?   "Computer learning" doesn't exist.   In 2011, it exists less than it did a decade ago and, in a few years, that phrase won't exist at all.   Students learn.  Computers are tools for all kinds of things, from checking the Facebook page, to making notetaking easier, to being fact checking or calculating devices that can take a class to a more sophisticated level to interactive social networking devices that can either distract a class or allow for new forms of group collaboration.   There are many other uses as well.   The point is that most profs have (a) simply "adapted" (as a colleague told me recently) to computers without understanding the intellectual and pedagogical changes they can enable; or (b) resigned themselves to their present, gleefully or resentflly; or (c) made them into a pedagogical tool; or (d) all of the above.    
  • The point isn't that the class has to be designed for "computer learning" but that there are different forms of learning available with a device and profs should be allowed to determine if they want to facilitate and make use of those different forms of learning or not.
    Great post by Cathy Davidson. Her final facetious question of we will ban books because they can distract students makes a nice point.
Caroline Roche

Professor Stephen Papert's site - 41 views

    A site from the far-seeing and creative Stephen Papert, with all the work he has done on computers and creativity for many years.
Sheryl A. McCoy Rochester, MN - 0 views

    4 days in school; 5th day on computer interacting w/lessons or teachers
Jeff Johnson

Testing the pencil - Newspaper Tree El Paso - 0 views

    It is hard to reconcile what Bauerlien says (Educational technology has little or no effect on learning because no-one is using it properly) with what I know instinctively happens (Kids get excited about learning when technology is added to the mix.)
Caroline Roche

Free Online Learning, Interactive Courses for All | ALISON - 0 views

    Free online learning courses in ICT
Melissa Seifman

Acceptable Use Policy - 107 views

You may want to contact our SN@P department to get some background information on how it was done, problems that we had to work through, and other things Scot Byrd wrote: > Melissa, > Thank you s...

computers 1to1 computer use

jodi tompkins

Woopid Video Tutorials - 1 views

    Ton of free tutorials - Mac, PC and more. Great resource for students. Can help with papers, spreadsheets, presenatations and a lot more.
    Watch free technology training videos. Get help and answer your computer and dadget questions with thousands of video tutorials for PCs, Macs, and tons of different applications.
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