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Nigel Coutts

What might it take to bring real change to education? - The Learner's Way - 8 views

    I had the pleasure recently of listening to Michael Fullan thanks to ACEL (Australian Council for Educational Leaders). Like many thought leaders who are looking closely at the current state of education, Michael builds a strong case for radical change in education.
Peter Shanks

21st Century Skills are so last century! - 64 views

  • Young people communicate and collaborate every few minutes – it’s an obsession. They text, MSN, BBM, Myspace, Facebook, Facebook message, Facebook chat and Skype. Note the absence of email and Twitter. Then there’s Spotify, Soundcloud, Flickr, YouTube and Bitorrent to share, tag, upload and download experiences, comments, photographs, video and media. They also collaborate closely in parties when playing games. Never have the young shared so much, so often in so many different ways. Then along comes someone who wants to teach them this so called 21st C skill, usually in a classroom, where all of this is banned.
    "I'm always amused at this conceit, that we adults, especially in education, think we even have the skills we claim we want to teach. There is no area of human endeavour that is less collaborative than education."
antónio alves

Collaboration and Productivity Tools: A-Z - 61 views

    "LEARNING TOOLS DIRECTORY 2010 More Collaboration Tools TOOLS: A-K | Tools L - Z These are further stand-alone tools suitable for individuals to work and learn more effectively with others - as well as on their own."
Marielle Palombo

ACOT2 - 16 views

    A framework from Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow identifying "six design principles for the 21st century high school"
Cathy Oxley

Digital Citizenship Education - 41 views

    The Digital Citizenship and Creative Content program was developed to create awareness of intellectual property rights and foster a better understanding of the rights connected with creative content. Four units comprise the curriculum resources. Each unit consists of standalone yet complementary lesson plans that play off a creative rights scenario presented through a case study
Maggie Verster

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills - 2009 MILE Guide: Milestones for Improving Lea... - 14 views

    "Nearly six years ago, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills released its signature toolkit, the MILE Guide for 21st Century Skills: Milestones for Improving Learning and Education. Today, this toolkit has been revised and updated to reflect new realities and the P21 Framework for Education. "
Melinda Tilley

Mobile Learning Institute - 31 views

  • A 21st Century Education” profiles individuals who embrace and defend fresh approaches to learning and who confront the urgent social challenges that are part of a 21st century
  • how small schools with high expectations can fundamentally change how public education is delivered.
    The Mobile Learning Institute's film series "A 21st Century Education" profiles individuals who embrace and defend fresh approaches to learning and who confront the urgent social challenges that are part of a 21st century experience. "A 21st Century Education" compiles, in short film format, the best ideas around school reform. The series is meant to start, extend, or nudge the conversation about how to make change in education happen.
Kerry J

Half an Hour: An Operating System for the Mind - 0 views

    A look at the relationship between facts and 21st Century skills - insightful, well written, well worth a read!
J Black

21st century Pedagogy | Educational Origami - 0 views

  • How we teach must reflect how our students learn, it must also reflect the world they will emerge into. This is a world that is rapidly changing, connected, adapting and evolving.
Teresa Ilgunas

21st Century Literacies: Tools for Reading the World - 2 views

    Wow, this is a PRACTICAL guide to info literacy, from step by step on how to read a website, to how students report the info. FULL of information I can use in my classroom without having to reinvent the wheel myself!
Maggie Verster

21st Century Skills Map for science - 0 views

    The Partnership advocates for the integration of 21st Century Skills into K-12 education so that students can advance their learning in core academic subjects.
Maggie Verster

21st century learning wiki - 0 views

    Vision & Philosophy 21st Century Learner Enduring Understandings & Essential Questions Roles & Responsibilities Curriculum Planning Planning a 21C Unit
Maggie Verster

21 Things for the 21st Century Educator - a course for teachers - 0 views

    The purpose of this course is to provide "Just in Time" training through an online interface for K-12 educators based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T). These standards are the basic technology skills every educator should possess. In the process, educators will develop their own skills and discover what students need in order to meet the NETS for Students, as well as the new MMC Online Experience requirement. Participants who fulfill all of the requirements have the opportunity to earn SBCEU's. To learn more about the session, look under the tab "The 21 Things". We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity.
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