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Usable Knowledge: What is Teaching for Understanding? - 0 views

    The TfU model nicely compliments CATs and UbD - I personally use a hybrid version of all three and I see many similar ideas in our readings for this class from JISC

Six Facets of Understanding - 0 views

  • Plan instructional strategies and learning experiences that bring students to these competency levels.
    • lkryder
      This is key for me - bring students to the competency levels - this is like the "bridging" Mike mentioned
  • Required uncoverage of abstract or often misunderstood ideas
    • lkryder
      uncoverage of abstract or often misunderstood ideas is really learner centered and fits nicely with the CoI model in that the social perspectives present will foster a richer interpretation of topics under scrutiny
    A remnant of a faculty development workshop - many links don't work but this page is a nice summary of the ideas
Melissa Pietricola

Vanderbilt Center for Teaching: Understanding By Design - 0 views

  • other words, Wiggins and McTighe argue that you can’t start planning how you’re going to teach until you know exactly what you want your students to learn. 
  • worth being familiar with.”
  • What facts, concepts and principles should they know?  What processes, strategies and methods should they learn to use? 
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • enduring understandings”
  • How can they practice using new knowledge
  • Devise active and collaborative exercises that encourage students to grapple with new concepts in order to “own” them.
    Understanding By Design, Backwards Design McTighe, Wiggins
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