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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Osbert Lancaster

Osbert Lancaster

Tweeting WITHOUT Diigo Toolbar - 78 views

diigo suggestion twitter diioglet iphone
started by Osbert Lancaster on 23 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
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  • Osbert Lancaster
    Very frustrating not being able to tweet posts easily without Toolbar.

    Really need to be able to:
    - tweet while bookmarking using Diigolet
    - and using 'share' button in the library

    - I prefer to use Safari (on Mac), Firefox doesn't do it for me.
    - My community who I want to share stuff I find, is on Twitter, not Diigo.
    - For me, Diigo is primarily where I store stuff for my own interest, and Twitter is for sharing with others.

    At the moment I find the workflow to do both (bookmark and tweet) is so cumbersome, especially on iPhone, that I end up either Tweeting OR bookmarking, so my library is incomplete!
Osbert Lancaster

Frustrated by privacy issues - 151 views

diigo privacy Diigolet highlight comment public
started by Osbert Lancaster on 23 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
  • Osbert Lancaster
    I've searched the grp and looked a various threads, and am concluding Diigo's approach to privacy is a mess - please show me I'm wrong!

    Here's my typical scenario:

    - Come across interesting site
    - bookmark with Diigo
    - share to Twitter with bitly (because I don't use Diigo toolbar)


    - go to that bookmark
    - read it properly, discover very relevant to a project I'm working on,
    - so start adding highlights and notes
    - realise that anyone reading my bookmark list will see all my highlights (I *think* stickies are private, not sure)
    - realise this is a commercial project and it might not be sensible leaving a 'highlighted' trail of pages I've annotated
    - mark bookmark private

    and now I can't share the bookmark more widely - which I still want to do, minus the highlights - because I've marked it private.

    I realise that Diigo's primary market is education, so this is perhaps less of an issue for others, but for a private consultant, it's a bit of problem!

    Diigo's home page says: Research | Share | Collaborate

    It's really difficult to see how to do this unless you can accept everything is public!

    I'd like to encourage colleagues to use Diigo, but I don't think it's fit for purpose.

    Please tell me I'm missing the point? Or don't understand the help system?

    Surely in settings I should be able to select what items I want to be public/private by default? Whether I want 'friends' to be able to see them? etc

    Rant over.
Osbert Lancaster

Set Diigolet to remain visible? - 16 views

diigolet suggestion help
  • Osbert Lancaster
    Using Diigolet with Safari, when I move a new page the diigolet 'toolbar' disappears, and I have to click the diigolet button each time to make it reappear. How can it be set to remain visible when moving between pages>
  • Osbert Lancaster
    Mac OS X, Snow leopard, Safari 4.0.4

    BTW responded to other thread.
  • Osbert Lancaster
    Thanks. Command-1 seems to turn on diigolet, but doesn't prevent it closing when I move to a new page - is that expected behaviour?

davido T

keep diigolet active - 103 views

Diigolet suggestion Chrome extension help
started by davido T on 03 May 07 no follow-up yet
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  • Osbert Lancaster
    Looks like we're still waiting for a solution!

    A diigolet toolbar that disappears all the time is a pain. Surely 'always on' versus 'always disappears' aren't the only options? How about 'stays on until I click off'?
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