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Osbert Lancaster

Tweeting WITHOUT Diigo Toolbar - 78 views

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started by Osbert Lancaster on 23 Nov 09
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  • Osbert Lancaster
    Very frustrating not being able to tweet posts easily without Toolbar.

    Really need to be able to:
    - tweet while bookmarking using Diigolet
    - and using 'share' button in the library

    - I prefer to use Safari (on Mac), Firefox doesn't do it for me.
    - My community who I want to share stuff I find, is on Twitter, not Diigo.
    - For me, Diigo is primarily where I store stuff for my own interest, and Twitter is for sharing with others.

    At the moment I find the workflow to do both (bookmark and tweet) is so cumbersome, especially on iPhone, that I end up either Tweeting OR bookmarking, so my library is incomplete!
  • yc c
    for tweeting and more, try Tbuzz or convotrack bookmarklets

    Maybe you could try combining them in one bookmarklet?
    In the bookmark URL, just put one code after the other. tried: it does work

    PS found at
  • Joel Liu
    We are working on tweeting through sever side.
    1) You set up twitter account in diigo through OAuth
    2) You can auto tweet your public bookmarks to twitter easily both from toolbar and diigolet.
    3) Then, we will implement a save to diigo, share to anywhere feature( blog, twitter, facebook, delicious etc).

    Let us know your thought about this feature.
  • jennie austin
    We are working on tweeting through sever side.
  • Graham Perrin
    Diigo service interop with microblog services

    I'm less interested in Twitter (microblogging),
    more interested in OpenMicroBlogging and the surrounding goodness.

    Recommended reading:
  • Vahid Masrour
    Joel, how do i activate that feature? Also, i need to be able to edit my twitter posts, so autotweeting is not an option. The way tweeting works in FF is great, but now i want to be able to do the same thing in Chrome.

    (On a different, i have not been able to make the autopost to blog of my Knowledge Management Group work... )
  • Graham Perrin
    > need to be able to edit my twitter posts

    > in Chrome

    and previously,

    >> I use Firefox (latest update) on Windows Vista.

    so I guess that this is Chrome on Vista.

    For Chrome, I'd recommend the bookmarklet to post to and configure your to connect (cross-post) to Twitter.
  • Graham Perrin
    Rather than squeezing things into a bookmark dialogue that's already too large for some displays,


    1. make Diigo Meta more user friendly (improve the layout of its components)

    2. make microblogging an option within the Meta interface.

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