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Ann Lusch

Disappearing content - 36 views

bug inconsistency content disappearing sticky notes sticky note highlight highligting diigo

started by Ann Lusch on 15 Oct 09
  • Ann Lusch
    I have a class working through a Diigo education account. Sometimes sticky notes appear and sometimes they do not. I think the same is true of highlighting. It varies from time to time, but also between screens when I am viewing the same person's work in two places at the same time.

    Very confusing in trying to give credit for their efforts.
  • Bakari Chavanu
    I just wrote about this issue too. In order to get your sticky notes and highlights, you need to download the page from your library. If you go back and revisit an annotated page without linking to it from your Diigo, then I think Diigo treats the download as a new page. So what I'm doing is using the Recent button in the Diigo menubar. When clicking on articles in Recent, you're downloading the pages you commented on using Diigo.
  • Ann Lusch
    This has happened a lot, but here's one:

    Here's an example of how things appear differently in different pages:
    This is what I get when I go to a student's own page from the teacher console:

    Lots of highlighting, no sticky notes.

    and this is what I see when I just go to the bookmarks from the whole group:

    Here her sticky notes appear, but most of the highlighting does not show up.


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