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Bakari Chavanu

idea: smart tags - 9 views

tag suggestion

started by Bakari Chavanu on 13 Oct 09
  • Bakari Chavanu
    First, I want to say again how great Diigo is. Thanks for all the work.
    Now as for tagging, I would like to make suggestion. If it's possible, I was wondering if you could figure out a way that when I bookmark an article to a particular group or category, a few tags that I've use before for that bookmark will pop-up? It would save much time for tagging. I don't like taking my hand off of the mouse to begin typing a tag. I would like familiar tags to just pop up.
  • Graham Perrin
    > bookmark an article to a particular group

    Do you mean, when you copy (share) a bookmark
    from your library
    to a Diigo group?

    In that case, the tags
    from your library copy of the bookmark are normally
    included in the group copy of the bookmark.

    Another topic that may be of interest,
    same tags as previous bookmark ('Used last time:')



    Correction to link.
  • Bakari Chavanu
    You know, I think when I'm using Diigo in my Safari web browser, the recommend tags don't show up. But no, I'm suggesting that when you click to add a bookmark to your list or group, a set of tags get automatically filled in. For example, if I add an article to my Pro Bloggers list, the space for tags should automatically get filled with "blogging" "problogging," etc. I shouldn't have to bother filling it each time. I think tagging is great, but I'm doing it less and less because it seems redundant when you're typing the same tags or even clicking the same tags over and over.

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