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Bakari Chavanu

Recommended Tags? - 51 views

tagging tag recommend Diigolet 3.1b572 resolved post

started by Bakari Chavanu on 25 Sep 09
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  • Bakari Chavanu
    Recommended tags don't show up when I'm bookmarking a page. Is this because I'm using diigo on Safari?
  • Graham Perrin
    For all users, including those that have an installed version of Diigo:

    * Post to Diigo includes recommended tags.

    I guess that this feature is new to Diigo 4.0 beta.
  • Graham Perrin
 notes that version 4.0b166 of Diigolet now offers tags from the group dictionary.

    The screen shot at shows that Diigolet also offers recommendations from the personal dictionary.

    Smart work, Diigo team - thanks!

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