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Graham Perrin

Extract annotations in for Firefox: formatting (richness) is lost - 37 views

Subject: workaround (not using Firefox) in the absence of a solution for Firefox > 1. set aside Firefox for Mac OS X That workaround is probably the best. A 2001 bug in Mozilla core https:/...

Firefox Mozilla toolbar extract annotations text bug gpd4

Call Me What You Want

Extract Annotations Bug Still Present - 68 views

Thanks. I didn't know that. I'm not sure how it can be useful though since you're still in the same situation when you actually want to extract the annotations and paste it somewhere else.

bug extension extract firefox suggestion

davido T

improvement to 'extract highlights' - 10 views

hi, a suggestion on the 'extract highlights' feature, which is the best way I can find to print a list of highlights... I'd love the option to turn off the repetitive reporting of who highlighted (...

highlights' extract

started by davido T on 03 Sep 07 no follow-up yet
Joel Liu

Extract only your own comments & highlights? - 35 views

Joel, Thanks for responding. I do know that these features exist, I'm just not sure that they're working properly for me. When the online help is updated, I hope there are more screenshots that ...

extract highlights


Could Extract highlights contain the attached sticky too? - 32 views

Agree. On our To-Do list to enhance the extract function

extract feature

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