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Dean Mantz

academyofdiscovery - Internet Safety - 8 views

    • I will never post any information more personal than my first name nor will I post pictures of myself.
    • I will not plagiarize, instead I will expand on others' ideas and give credit where it is due.
    • I will use language appropriate for school.
    • I will not insult my fellow students or their writing.
    • I will only post pieces that I am comfortable with everyone seeing; other pieces I will keep as drafts.
    • I will not be afraid to express my ideas, while not overgeneralizing or making derogatory/inflammatory remarks; any posts or edits on controversial issues must either be submitted to Mr. Wilkoff prior to posting or be a part of a classroom project/question which addresses controversial issues.
    • I will use constructive/productive/purposeful criticism, supporting any idea, comment, or critique I have with evidence.
    • I will take all online content creation seriously, posting only things that are meaningful and taking my time when I write.
    • I will try to spell everything correctly.
    • I will not use my public writing (blog posts, comments, discussion topics, wiki edits) as a chat room, instead, I will save IM language for private conversations.
    • I will not bully others in my blog posts or in my comments.
    • I will never access another student's account in order to pose as them or look at their personal content, but I will advise them when they haven't logged out of their computer from my own account.
    • I will be proactive in monitoring the comments that others leave on my blog, utilizing the comment blacklist if necessary.
    • I will personalize my blog and keep my writing authentic, while taking responsibility for anything blogged in my name.
    • I will not provoke other students in my blog posts or comments.
    • I will use my online content as an extension of the classroom, and in doing so, I w
Margaret Moore-Taylor

Online safety & civility | - 4 views

    A blog that is focused on giving information regarding online safety and civility. Many good resources on this blog.
Colette Cassinelli

Our Space: Being a Responsible Citizen of the Digital World | The GoodWork Project - 12 views

    Our Space is a set of curricular materials designed to encourage high school students to reflect on the ethical dimensions of their participation in new media environments. Through role-playing activities and reflective exercises, students are asked to consider the ethical responsibilities of other people, and whether and how they behave ethically themselves online. These issues are raised in relation to five core themes that are highly relevant online: identity, privacy, authorship and ownership, credibility, and participation
Megan Black

Welcome - 7 views

    A new site by google designed to help students think before they share. 
Steven Knight

Google Family Safety Center - 6 views


    We know how important it is to protect and educate young people on using the Internet and want to provide all of our users with a safe experience.

    When it comes to family safety, we aim to:

    * Provide parents and teachers with tools to help them choose what content their children see online
    * Offer tips and advice to families about how to stay safe online
    * Work closely with organizations such as charities, others in our industry and government bodies dedicated to protecting young people

Megan Black

Digital Citizenship Curriculum From Common Sense - 1 views

    Full Middle school Curriculum in three strands: Safety and Security, Digital Citizenship, and Research and Information Literacy
Colette Cassinelli

Valley Catholic High School Cyber Bulling Awareness on Vimeo - 6 views

    This video was made by my 2010 Digital Video Class at Valley Catholic School in Beaverton OR.  We interviewed and discussed Wired Teens and covered topics such as cyberbullying, texting, internet addiction and sexting.
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