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Dean Mantz

academyofdiscovery - Internet Safety - 8 views

  • I will never post any information more personal than my first name nor will I post pictures of myself. I will not plagiarize, instead I will expand on others' ideas and give credit where it is due. I will use language appropriate for school. I will not insult my fellow students or their writing. I will only post pieces that I am comfortable with everyone seeing; other pieces I will keep as drafts. I will not be afraid to express my ideas, while not overgeneralizing or making derogatory/inflammatory remarks; any posts or edits on controversial issues must either be submitted to Mr. Wilkoff prior to posting or be a part of a classroom project/question which addresses controversial issues. I will use constructive/productive/purposeful criticism, supporting any idea, comment, or critique I have with evidence. I will take all online content creation seriously, posting only things that are meaningful and taking my time when I write. I will try to spell everything correctly. I will not use my public writing (blog posts, comments, discussion topics, wiki edits) as a chat room, instead, I will save IM language for private conversations. I will not bully others in my blog posts or in my comments. I will never access another student's account in order to pose as them or look at their personal content, but I will advise them when they haven't logged out of their computer from my own account. I will be proactive in monitoring the comments that others leave on my blog, utilizing the comment blacklist if necessary. I will personalize my blog and keep my writing authentic, while taking responsibility for anything blogged in my name. I will not provoke other students in my blog posts or comments. I will use my online content as an extension of the classroom, and in doing so, I will leave anything that unsaid in the classroom unsaid online. I will only post photos which are school appropriate and either in the creative commons or correctly cited. I will not spam (including, but not limited to meaningless messages, mass messages, and repetitive messages) I will only post comments on posts that I have fully read, rather than just skimmed. I will respect the public nature of online information, and in doing so, I will respect the wishes of my fellow students for keeping their information (full name, compromising stories, etc.) private.
Anne Bubnic

Six Reasons Why Kids Should Know How to Blog | - 8 views

    1. Create positive digital footprints 2. Communicate with digital tools 3. Provide transparency for parents & families 4. Demonstrate effective digital citizenship 5. Learn new ways of thinking about tools 6. Global audiences/pride in work
Rhondda Powling

Notes From McTeach: Learning to Blog Using Paper - 3 views

    An interesting task that introduces students to writing blogs and esp commenting. Includes a list of blogging rules and also another document about ideas for comments
    Love this!
Vicki Davis

A Bloggers' Code of Ethics - - Online News Association - Ethics and... - 5 views

    If you are a blogger, you should have ethics. Fully disclose. I've had someone ask to pay me to insert their link into a blog post I wrote. NO! Ethical disclosure means that if I do anything or am affiliated with ANYTHING that I will fully disclose it, period. Does it mean that less people may click on my Amazon links if I say I'm an affiliate - yes. However, my first debt is the content of my blog and the integrity of what you'll find here on Cool Cat Teacher. It is what I think without any influence of any kind unless it is fully disclosed. If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look on this link.
Anne Bubnic

EDMODO Demo [Video] - 5 views

    This is a demo of the microblogging and communications platform Edmodo, a private social network for K-12 education.
Anne Bubnic

Yes -- Student Blogs Allowed! - 3 views

    The keystroke is mightier than the sword, was the message that social studies teacher Gideon Sanders of Washington, D.C.'s McKinley Technology High School helped send last October.( (While 200 angry McKinley Tech students took to the streets to protest the loss of 15 of their instructors and counselors after the layoff of 229 D.C. public-school teachers (see video HERE)-and a scuffle with police resulted in the arrest of one student and one adult-11th graders Aaron Kitt and D'Angelo Anderson took to their screens.
Anne Bubnic - Social Networking For Schools - 4 views

  • is a free resource created by/and for educators. Developed in 2009, it provides a safe educational medium for teachers and students to continue their learning beyond the classroom in a social networking environment. With a private network, only teachers and students may view classroom posts.
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