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Dean Mantz

Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship - Google in Education - 3 views

  • even MORE awesomness from google team #gctreboot2013
Dean Mantz

academyofdiscovery - Internet Safety - 8 views

    • I will never post any information more personal than my first name nor will I post pictures of myself.
    • I will not plagiarize, instead I will expand on others' ideas and give credit where it is due.
    • I will use language appropriate for school.
    • I will not insult my fellow students or their writing.
    • I will only post pieces that I am comfortable with everyone seeing; other pieces I will keep as drafts.
    • I will not be afraid to express my ideas, while not overgeneralizing or making derogatory/inflammatory remarks; any posts or edits on controversial issues must either be submitted to Mr. Wilkoff prior to posting or be a part of a classroom project/question which addresses controversial issues.
    • I will use constructive/productive/purposeful criticism, supporting any idea, comment, or critique I have with evidence.
    • I will take all online content creation seriously, posting only things that are meaningful and taking my time when I write.
    • I will try to spell everything correctly.
    • I will not use my public writing (blog posts, comments, discussion topics, wiki edits) as a chat room, instead, I will save IM language for private conversations.
    • I will not bully others in my blog posts or in my comments.
    • I will never access another student's account in order to pose as them or look at their personal content, but I will advise them when they haven't logged out of their computer from my own account.
    • I will be proactive in monitoring the comments that others leave on my blog, utilizing the comment blacklist if necessary.
    • I will personalize my blog and keep my writing authentic, while taking responsibility for anything blogged in my name.
    • I will not provoke other students in my blog posts or comments.
    • I will use my online content as an extension of the classroom, and in doing so, I w
Anne Bubnic

The future is extraordinarily bright [Video] - 2 views

    Stephen Balkam in conversation with Ambassador David Gross.
    Family Online Safety Institute Conference in the Middle East/Promoting Online Safety and Cyber Ethics
Anne Bubnic

Promoting Online Safety and Cyber Ethics in the Middle East [Video] - 1 views

    FOSI Middle East Conference Speaker, Fadi Salem - Director of Governance & Innovation Program, Dubai School of Government.
Megan Black

BBC News - Online safety push for five-year-olds - 8 views

    five minute cartoon from the bbc on Online Safety targeting five year olds
Rhondda Powling - 9 views

    The companion site to this resource is

Kidsmart: Teachers Section - 9 views

    Internet Safety Lesson plans are available on this site at
Megan Black

Digital Citizenship Curriculum From Common Sense - 1 views

    Full Middle school Curriculum in three strands: Safety and Security, Digital Citizenship, and Research and Information Literacy
Anne Bubnic

Super Social Safety - 7 views

    Students from the Digiteen Project review social sites for kids.
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