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"augmented reality" robot interactive storytelling preschool kindergarten - Google Scholar - 1 views

    Google Scholar Search Results limited Since 2010

Robot-Aided Learning and r-Learning Services | InTechOpen - 1 views

    "R-Learning services include learning activities that utilize a direct physical experience, such as chanting and dancing (Kanda et al., 2004; Han et al., 2009a; Yujin, 2008), and learning that uses teaching props such as toys (Yujin, 2008; Movellan et al., 2009), and that delivers multi-media contents through a touch screen (Han et al., 2005; Han and Kim, 2006; Hyun et al., 2008). This final type of activity for delivery of multi-media contents can sub-divided into two categories: class management and class instruction (Han et al., 2009a). Class instruction can further be sub-divided into contents delivery type (Han et al. 2005; Han and Kim, 2006; Hyun et al., 2008) and participatory type through augmented virtuality (Han et al., 2009b), depending on the participation of the learners."

Supporting augmented reality based children's play with pro-cam robot - 0 views

  • The study has found that robot-assisted AR based play showed improved learning effects, compared to the conventional play, in language and creativity and this is attributed to the operational flexibility, novelty, robotic mediation and capturing the attention of the children. The result was also made possible in part by designing an effective interface for the teachers to control the robots and manage the simultaneously occurring tasks.

Humanoid robot - Topic - YouTube - 0 views

    Found this Humanoid Robot Topic of Popular YouTube Videos

Educational robotics - Topic - YouTube - 1 views

    Found this Educational robotics Topic in YouTube including Popular SAR and STEM Robots used in K-16 classrooms

Casper - Socially Assistive Humanoid Robot - YouTube - 0 views

    I am not sure how this socially assistive robot designed for cognitively impaired older adults to improve independent living would be received in an early childhood classroom setting. But the level of artificial intelligence programming is impressive and intriguing.

IEEE Xplore Abstract - The RUBI/QRIO Project: Origins, Principles, and First Steps - 0 views

  • Computers are already powerful enough to sustain useful robots that interact and assist humans in every-day life. However progress requires a scientific shakedown in goals and methods not unlike the cognitive revolution that occurred 40 years ago.
  • The document presents the origin and early steps of the RUBI/QRIO project, in which two humanoid robots, RUBI and QRIO, are being brought to an early childhood education center on a daily bases for a period of time of at least one year. The goal of the RUBI/QRIO project is to accelerate progress on everyday life interactive robots by addressing the problem at multiple levels, including the development of new scientific methods, formal approaches, and scientific agenda.

Nao the Amazing Robot - YouTube - 1 views

    I think this humanoid robot is the one to watch with more than 300 universitie in 30 countries using NAO for Research and Education.

Pepper the Robot: Tech News Today 1022 - YouTube - 0 views

    This "humanoid robot" has lots of sensors, facial recognition, voice recognition, articulate hands. Design company claims to be able to read and express human emotions. Suggested plans are to use robot for babysitting and storytelling with young children. I wonder whether young children left alone with a robot limited to artificial intelligence would respond positively or would be frightened or upset without the presence of a parent, caregiver, or teacher to mediate their interactions with the robot. I imagine an early childhood classroom would be highly entertained and their attention stimulated by the presence of this humanoid robot. But I can't imagine having this robot replace responsible teaching or caregiver staff with the social interactions presented in this video. Based on Alan Kay's comments that computer artifacts are meta-medium that need to go beyond demonstrations and build artificial intelligence for specific user groups and age-appropriate curriculums, I will review the literature about interactive storytelling with socially assistive robots in early childhood classrooms.

Clear Channel built iHeartRadio into massive streaming radio service - 0 views

  • Pandora continues to grow with 250 million registered users
  • There are one billion FM radios in the US and 160 million smartphones and 160 million PCs, so it’s still a subset of the FM marketplace.
  • Pittman doesn’t believe streaming hours will overtake traditional radio in his lifetime.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • “Music collections always replace each other and radio always tends to be yet another choice,” he says. “Satellite didn’t kill FM. AM didn’t kill FM. (Streaming music) one more choice and one more device you can listen to the radio on.”
  • digital is an important growth area for the business, even if the $17 billion or so that advertisers spend on radio each year is slow to move over to the Web.
  • In 2012, Clear Channel made strange bedfellows when it joined forces with Pandora to lobby Congress to lower the rates their services were required to pay artists to stream their music online. The companies eventually backed down from that effort in order to focus on a different political tact.
  • Online, people “tend to have a favorite and then they bounce around a couple different services,”

How Pandora Avoided the Junkyard, and Found Success - - 0 views

  • Pandora’s 48 million users tune in an average 11.6 hours a month. That could increase as Pandora strikes deals with the makers of cars, televisions and stereos
  • At the end of 2009, Pandora reported its first profitable quarter and $50 million in annual revenue — mostly from ads and the rest from subscriptions and payments from iTunes and when people buy music.
  • Its library now has 700,000 songs, each categorized by an employee based on 400 musical attributes, like whether the voice is breathy, like Charlotte Gainsbourg, or gravelly like Tom Waits.
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  • Some music lovers dislike Pandora’s approach to choosing music based on its characteristics rather than cultural associations.
  • “It’s not just that this has an 80-beat-a-minute guitar riff,” he said. “It’s that this band toured with Eddie Vedder.”
  • For Pandora and its listeners, it was a revelation. Internet radio was not just for the computer. People could listen to their phone on the treadmill or plug it into their car or living room speakers.
  • In January, Pandora announced a deal with Ford to include Pandora in its voice-activated Sync system, so drivers will be able to say, “Launch my Lady Gaga station”

Pandora - Investor Relations - News Release - 0 views

  • Both have established impressive track records leading Pandora’s strong team of technologists.
  • “I’m excited to promote two top technology leaders to these important positions.
  • Mr. Conrad has led Pandora’s engineering and product organization from the product’s inception and has guided the team as they delivered increasingly sophisticated playlist techniques, mobile, consumer electronics and in-car listening technology, as well as sophisticated advertising solutions
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • “Our team of engineers has developed some of the most innovative music technology in the world and changed the way we all consume music,” said Chris Martin, Pandora’s new Chief Technology Officer. “Tom and I have built an incredibly strong team, and I am energized by the opportunity to help Pandora drive forward the future of radio.”
  • “Pandora created the most effective way for music and technology to enhance the lives of music fans and artists alike,” said Mr. Conrad. “As a company, Pandora has always been driven by that intersection between creativity and technology. I am proud to have been a part of this effort, working with an incredibly talented and creative group of technologists. Everything I wanted to know about following one’s passion and running a business I learned at Pandora.”
  • “As Pandora continues to grow, we need to ensure our technology resources are optimized to deliver the best experience possible for listeners, partners and advertisers.”

Pandora Internet Radio hits two million listeners in Australia and New Zealand - mUmBRELLA - 0 views

  • It’s clear that radio is evolving – and this evolution is being propelled by consumers and technology
  • Key to Pandora’s success, is that we offer listeners an interactive and social experience that is incredibly personal, and artists a channel to be discovered by a new legion of fans

What happened to the expert curator? | Guardian Professional - 0 views

  • Within these contexts, the act of arranging objects, images or sounds into an order that may or may not have meaning has proliferated throughout the creative and cultural industries. The curator is now a producer: you might curate your Flickr feed, your mates playing records at a bar or an exhibition in your own apartment – a trend showcased by the Serpentine Gallery's co-director Hans Ulrich Obrist, a master orator of what he calls a "global dialogue… in space and time".
  • A space has now opened up – both physically and online – where anyone can give curating a go.
  • What, then, if we're looking in the wrong place for qualified, ground-breaking curators? Perhaps they are no longer in museums, galleries or cultural institutions, but instead in front of a screen – sociable and connected. Curating in the age of the internet is the act of responding to social and technological developments: their usability, instability and the various networks of communication in which they are presented online.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • Dealing with networks means that nothing is stable, everything is constantly moving in response to massive amounts of data
  • "Broadly accounting for any act where a person organises visual content on the internet in a way that creates meaning through the differences and similarities of their collected images."
  • relatively meaningless
  • 'digital curating'
  • "curating is now linguistically deluded beyond the point of return to an artistic context
  • people are creating meaning themselves – online, inside, outside
George Neff

Binge viewing now pervasive in UK, US » Digital TV Europe - 0 views

  • The PR firm, which surveyed 3,000 consumers in the UK, US and China through its Edelman Berland research arm, found that the percentage of US consumers who binge-watch has “increased significantly” in the past year – rising from 86% in 2013 to 94% this year. In China the figure was found to be an “almost universal” 99%.
  • 72% of respondents watching so they ‘know what happens next’ and 57% noting that they do so to ‘feel caught up
  • Half of respondents said they were likely to use an app or website to interact with the content if it was designed by the creator (US 56%; UK 46%; China 81%) or not designed by the creator (US 52%; UK 44%; China 71%).
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • “This year, we found that consumers want their entertainment ‘selfie-style’ – content centred on them, immediately gratifying, engaging and shareable across their social networks. Brands that can successfully deliver or enhance compelling entertainment to consumers stand to gain through positive word-of-mouth and association,” said Gail Becker, president, strategic partnerships and global integrations, Edelman.

Facebook Will Gather More User Information, but Offer More Control Over Ads | CIO - 0 views

  • Facebook will use the information gathered from all those sources to identify its users' interests and match them with advertising, as it already does with information about their onsite activities.
  • A screenshot illustrating the function showed that clicking on one corner of the ad will drop down a menu allowing users to select one of four options: "I don't want to see this," "Hide all ads from this advertiser," "Why am I seeing this?" and "This ad is useful." Asking for more information will show the interest areas identified by Facebook to which the ad is related, allowing users to reject further ads associated with that interest.
  • Facebook will use the information gathered from all those sources to identify its users' interests and match them with advertising, as it already does with information about their onsite activities.

Giorgio Bertini's Public Library | Diigo - 1 views

    Recommend this Diigo Metacognition Multidisciplinary Annotated Bibliography about Learning Change ... some readings from multidisciplinary research on society, culture, critical thinking, neuroscience, cognition, intelligence, creativity, autopoiesis, rhizomes, emergence, self-organization, complexity, systems, networks, methods, thinkers, futures ...

Embodied Cognition (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) - 0 views

  • Consider four evocative examples of phenomena that have motivated embodied cognitive science. We typically gesture when we speak to one another, and gesturing facilitates not just communication but language processing itself (McNeill 1992). Vision is often action-guiding, and bodily movement and the feedback it generates are more tightly integrated into at least some visual processing than has been anticipated by traditional models of vision (O'Regan and Noë 2001). There are neurons, mirror neurons, that fire not only when we undertake an action, but do so when we observe others undertaking the same actions (Rizolatti and Craighero 2004). We are often able to perform cognitive tasks, such as remembering, more effectively by using our bodies and even parts of our surrounding environments to off-load storage and simplify the nature of the cognitive processing (Donald 1991).
    Thinking about embodied cognition in young children's dramatic play with robotic teachers and augmented reality.
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