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Springhill Home Care Group: Three Care Home Workers at Hillcroft nursing home Guilty ov... - 2 views

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    Three care workers at Lancashire home care have been found guilty of abusing elderly residents.

    The female staff members at Hillcroft nursing home in Slyne-with-Hest near Lancaster mocked, bullied and assaulted residents, Preston Crown Court heard.

    A fourth male staff member earlier pleaded guilty to ill-treating the elderly residents.

    The defendants told other staff they were bored and were doing it for entertainment, prosecutors said.

    Carol Moore, 54, was the team leader of Ripon Avenue, Beaumont, Lancaster, she abused six residents including slapping one.

    Tipped out of wheelchair, the abuse went this far, Gemma Pearson, 28, of Hill Street, Carnforth, tipped a resident out of a wheelchair.

    Four residents were abused by Katie Cairns, 27, of Riverview Court, Westgate, Morecambe. She stamps on the foot of one, mocks others by throwing bean bags at them and touching them.

    Darren Smith, 34, of Howgill Avenue, Lancaster, had previously pleaded guilty to ill-treating eight residents and the court heard he was seen in bed with a distressed resident.

    Det Insp Andy Hulme said the staff members "showed a total disregard for their wellbeing, displaying contemptible behaviour that should never be tolerated".

    Their actions "caused considerable distress to the victims, and it has been very distressing for their families to hear about it", the Crown Prosecution Service said.

    Every one was charged under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 with ill-treatment and willful neglect of a person with lack of capacity.

    The court heard that they had previously been suspended from the home following abuse allegations made by a receptionist and a cleaner in September 2011.

    Whistleblowers praised

    However they went back to work subsequent to being handed warnings as an effect of an internal investigation and the matter was not referred to the police or social services.

    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) was sent anonymous emails about the standard of care inside the home, the court heard that in December 2011.
    In May 2012, the CQC forwarded the matter to the local authority's protection team who informed police.

    In a statement, relatives of the victims criticized "failings" of managers at Hillcroft, Lancashire County Council, NHS North Lancashire and the CQC.

    They also praised the courage of whistleblowers.

    They said: "To work in a challenging behaviour unit must be incredibly difficult, requiring patience and understanding, not to mention training and professionalism, but the difficulty of the job does not excuse mistreatment on any level."

    The home's owner said all those involved have now left and it is under new management.

    The former staffs are due to be sentenced in January.
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Springhill Home Care Group Honoring Special Diets during the Holidays - 1 views

    We are used to a tradition of flooding of food during holidays, eggnog on Christmas, stuffing on Thanksgiving, or latkes on Hanukkah. A get together without food, that won't do. The holidays are traditionally a time for big meals with predictable main courses and side dishes, but for those with dietary restrictions, each meal brings a challenge.

    Sofie McConnaughay owner of a skin care studio that caters to people with allergies and sensitivities in Boise, Idaho said, "There is an old family dinner roll recipe that is completely out of the question for me." And she added, "It's sad, because they're my favorite part of the holiday meal experience!"

    Many people are on strict diet and among these is Ms. McConnaughay who must stick with a gltuen-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and more-even during this festive time of year. "Special diets can really effect people over the holidays," said Christie Korth, a holistic nutritionist and Founder and CEO of Happy and Healthy Wellness, Inc. She is also the author of "The IBD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Healing Plan and Recipe Book" (IBD is an acronym for).

    Mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, or steamed vegetables with butter, these food may sound safe but Ms. Korth pointed out that these can be no-no's for many special diets. "The way around it is to make sure you bring yummy dishes to your family celebration and enjoy your own food," she said. "What I have found is in many families while there may be some resistance to a special diet in the beginning, over time there are family members that are very accommodating to dietary restrictions."

    Ms. McConnaughay's solution so that the family wouldn't miss out on something they love to eat yearly, she has been to keep making the dinner rolls she loves for everyone to eat and enjoy. "I also bring fresh, homemade butter
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Springhill Home Care Group: Mid-life stress 'precedes dementia' - 1 views

    Springhill Home Care Group: Mid-life stress 'precedes dementia'
    Current evidence suggest the best ways to reduce the risk of dementia are to eat a balanced diet, take regular exercise, not smoke, and keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check" - Dr Simon Ridley Alzheimer's Research UK

    According to the latest research, women who suffer from a lot of stress in middle age may increase their risk of developing dementia in later life. Furthermore the study says that mid-life stress may increase a woman's risk of developing dementia.

    Eight hundred women were subjected to study and they have found out that those who had to cope with events such as divorce or bereavement were more likely to get Alzheimer's decades later.

    BMJ Open reports says, the more stressful events there were, the higher the dementia risk became.

    According to the study authors, stress hormones may be to blame, triggering harmful alterations in the brain.

    Many changes in the body is caused by stressed hormones, it can also affect many things like blood pressure and blood sugar control.

    And they can remain at high levels many years after experiencing a traumatic event, Dr Lena Johansson and colleagues explain.

    However they also claim that they need more work to verify their findings and determine whether the same stress and dementia link might also occur in men.

    The study went like this, the women underwent a battery of tests and examinations when they were in either their late 30s, mid-40s or 50s, and then again at regular intervals over the next four decades.

    One in four women said at some part in the start of the study that they had experienced at least one stressful event, such as widowhood or unemployment.

    A comparable proportion had suffered at least two stressful events, whereas one in five had experienced at least three. The remaining women had either experienced more than this or none.

    Four hundred twenty five of the women died and 153
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Springhill Care Group | South Korean hospital won't transfer American home until $40K b... - 1 views

    Springhill Care Group | South Korean hospital won't transfer American home until $40K bill is paid
    Sean Jones family ask for donations for the young English teacher who has the rare brain disease anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, can continue treatment in the United States.

    According to the reports, the American teacher Sean Jones was treated for a rare brain disease in South Korea is unable to return home until his nearly-$40,000 hospital bill is paid

    The family of an American man stuck in a South Korean hospital is requesting for donations to bring him home.

    Since May, the young teacher Sean Jones from Oklahoma City, has been hospitalized with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare autoimmune disease that causes swelling in the brain.

    Reports says that Yonsei University Severance Hospital in Seoul refuses to release him after his bill of nearly $40,000 is paid while Jones' family wants him transferred to an American hospital for continued treatment

    Friends and family have set up a Facebook page and a account to raise money for medical costs. So far they have raised about three-quarters of the goal, Sean's mother, LaTanya Dodd, told The Korea Herald.

    "I really don't know if they can legally hold him here. If they can't legally do so, he will be going," said Dodd, who came to South Korea in July to care for her son, to the paper. "They won't care for him anymore, and that's what I'm worried about. Is that going to affect the whole outcome - just sitting here waiting?"

    Family members said Jones was moved to a group room and suffers from bedsores due to a lack of care.

    The fresh college grad, portrayed as outgoing and passionate about education, had been teaching English in Hwajung for almost a year when he started experiencing headaches and hallucinations.

    He was prescribed by the doctor, antidepressants and was advised to rest but his conditioned worsened. He was admitted t
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Labor Group fights for better pay for Home Care Workers - 1 views


    Americans live longer base from the statistics, thus making the population age and as it ages the need for home care workers will grow significantly. According to the Bureau of Labor Standards, the Home Care Workforce will grow from 1.7 Million to 2.6 million in 2018, but the people caring for seniors in their homes earn on average less than 10 dollars an hour and many do not get benefits. A number of those workers assembled at the Food and Medicine Headquarters in Brewer Thursday to encourage their Senators to make it a priority to improve pay, benefits and training for this growing workforce.
    Helen Hanson stood at a podium from her huddling under the tent and shared her financial struggles during her work as a home care worker.
    "My bills are paid but when the oil tank is down do I pay the mortgage or do I spend 350 dollars to put 100 gallons in the oil tank," she said.
    Although Hanson loves going into peoples' homes to care for them she couldn't make the ends meet. So instead, she went to work at a rehab facility as a certified nurse and she got better pay and benefits. This kind of problem is one example of a nationwide concern.
    "We have 3 million direct care health workers in the country right now and we're projecting 27 million seniors by 2050," Pointed out Reverend Mark Doty, one of those gathered at the Food and Medicine Rally. The pro workers group had a stage demonstration where they showed how hard their work is. The demonstration is even complete with a juggler to show how complicated it is for home care workers to juggle their responsibilities. Everything is happening while caring for a growing number of seniors and finding an easy solution may be a juggling act too. The issue becomes how to pay for a better wage for them after all agree that home care workers should be paid well.
    Vickie Purgavie, executive director of the Home Care a
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Springhill Care Group: Don't Let Nursing Homes Keep Elderly Married Couples Apart - 1 views

    According to a new study from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, seniors work hard to keep their marriages alive and well, even after one spouse falls ill and goes into a long-term care facility.
    Community-dwelling spouses were greatly drawn in the lives of their partners who are inside the institution, and that a lot of the couples remained active together may it be inside or outside the nursing home Researcher Robin Stadnyk was surprised to discover about this.
    Stadnyk is a post-doctoral researcher in the University of Alberta's Department of Human Ecology. She reviewed data from a qualitative study of 52 community-dwelling spouses in three Canadian provinces: Alberta, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, for her PhD research. According to her research, the participants were heavily involved in their spouses' lives, not only through caretaking duties like doing laundry and helping with personal hygiene, but also through nurturing activities that brought them closer together.
    "Most participants described close relationships with their spouses before the placement in a long-term care home. They simply found ways they could continue that closeness within the institutional walls," Stadnyk noted. Marriage-sustaining activities included watching TV together, studying travel brochures and reviewing diaries to relive old memories, even taking painting lessons together.
    For regular weekly and even daily visits, some spouses do is they bring their partners home. A loving story of an 82-year-old man in the study took weight-training just so he could lift his wife in and out of the car for the weekly trip home.
    "The findings defy the common assumption that the partnership of marriage effectively ends when one spouse enters a care facility," Stadnyk said.
    Changing roles as give-and take-partners to compassionate caretakers, husbands and wives of partners with dementia carry on with nurturing their marriages. One of the thi
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Patient Outcomes Improve Under Single Home Health Aides - 1 views

    According to a recent study by SAGE Publications, individuals receiving home health services stand to experience better outcomes if cared for by the same aide day in and day out.

    According to the study Continuity in the Provider of Home Health Aide Services and the Likelihood of Patient Improvement in Activities of Daily Living, patients who see the same home health aide across a series of visits have a higher likelihood of improving in various activities of daily living (ADLs) compared to patients whose care is provided by multiple aides.

    Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) is a large, urban, non-profit Medicare certified home health agency. Base from their studies, they found that individuals who were cared for continuously by the same aide had a 93% chance of improving their ADLs.

    Those who experienced low-continuity of care were roughly 14%-15% hardly to recover their ADLs involving home health admission and discharge than persons who were constantly visited by the similar aide. Those who experienced low-continuity of care is implying to care was spread out among a variety of aides over the course of a home health service period.

    Furthermore of note in the report, cases where patients had moderate-continuity did not considerably fluctuate from higher permanence cases in their likelihood of ADL development.

    Researchers note that the odds of improvement among cases with high continuity are greater than those for low continuity even if a greater part of cases in the study's populace enhanced in the figure and severity of ADLs between admission and discharge.

    "Ideally, patients should receive services from a single aide over the entire period of home care," writes the study's lead author David Russell, Ph.D, Center for Home Care Policy & Research at VNSNY. "However, a number of staffing constraints and operational obstacles often presen
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Springhill Care Group | Gentle Exercises: Seniors' Yoga - 1 views

    Yoga is very much popular nowadays and we all know it benefits while others think that it is hard to do and much more to elderly. The question is; can seniors, above 65, do yoga asanas? And the answer is of course, it is actually can do good for them as much as it can do well for any age. All ages and from all walks of life to utilize the techniques of yoga for creating a harmonious and joyful existence.Older people can do asanas. Union of the various aspects of our existence like body, breath, mind etc is the basic premise in yoga. The word yoga comes from a Sanskrit root 'Yuj meaning 'to unite'. But they can only do so provided they keep some guidelines in mind.

    The kind of asanas one should do as age progresses are the following:
    * Substitute warm-ups with brisk walking and joint movements.
    * Standing Yoga Poses Triangle Pose (konasana series) and Standing Spinal Twist (Kati chakrasanas)
    * Sitting Yoga Poses Butterfly Pose, Cradling (if possible), body rotation, Cat stretch and Child pose (Shishu Asana).
    * Yoga Poses lying on the back or stomach Focus on repetitions rather than holding any posture such as the Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), the Locust Pose (Shalabhasana) or the Knee to Chin Press (Pawanmuktasana).
    * Yoga nidra is by far the most essential part of any yoga practice, and as age progresses, it becomes even more essential to help assimilate the effect of the asana practice into our system.

    There is also some easier exercise for seniors like, Sukshma Yoga. This can be practiced independently or in a group to be a part of a larger yoga plan. All ages can do the exercise and can receive its benefits for only within 20-30 minutes. It consists of simple and gentle exercises for the eyes, tongue and jaws, neck, hands, feet, knees, ankles and hips.

    Seniors should practice yoga asanas by following some guidelines. The Patanjali Yoga Sutras identify asana as "sthira sukham asanam" that define as st
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Overbilling Medicaid and Medicare by $2.5 Million: Orange Man Pleads Guilty - News - Sp... - 2 views

    According to Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, a man who lives in Orange, Ohio admitted to overbilling Medicaid and Medicare by more than $2.5 million.

    Thirty-nine year old, Divyesh "David" C. Patel, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to having been involved to health care fraud and four counts of health care fraud. Patel is anticipated to be sentenced later on this year.

    Dettelbach said, "This defendant enriched himself and his company by flouting rules designed to protect the public."

    "Mr. Patel defrauded the tax payers by scamming Medicaid and Medicare," said Stephen D. Anthony, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Cleveland Field Office.

    "Waste, fraud, and abuse take critical resources out of our health care system and contribute to the rising cost of health care for all Americans."

    According to court documents, Patel was the owner and president of Alpine Nursing Care Inc., located at 4753 Northfield Road, Suite 5, North Randall, Ohio, and employed Belita Mable Bush as the office manager and director of provider services from June 1, 2006 through October 18, 2009.

    An additional info according to court documents is Patel and Alpine employed Bush to prepare and submit the billings to Medicaid and Medicare for reimbursement for services provided by Alpine as a home health care provider, even though Patel knew that Bush had been previously convicted of a health care-related felony that excluded Bush from being involved in any way with Alpine's Medicaid and Medicare billings.

    In addition to the fact that Bush was excluded from handling Alpine's medical billings, Patel was aware that Bush falsified documents related to health care services allegedly provided to home health patients where the services were never provided or were provided by home health aide that had previous criminal convictions that excluded them from providing health services in people's houses, a
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Springhill Care Group | Socialization: important for Seniors - Springhill Group Florida... - 1 views

    Getting older could sometimes be a bit frustrating that is why socialization is very important to have socialization for seniors. As much as it is important to everyone it is as important twofold for the elderly. These may come a bit hard to do when we were younger as we were too busy bringing home the bacon and at the same time taking care of the family. As we get older, as life is slowly taking paces as if everything is slowing down including time literally, seniors now has all the time to socialize but the thing now is there is no much of someone to socialize with. As this point in time many friends may have been lost along the way and are no longer part of your long-term friendships.

    It will be great if you have friends from the past that you still have contact with and remained friends up to the golden age. It will be best for both sides to keep in touch, calling once in a while is a good idea and meeting at least once a month will do great on both parts too. It will also help if you invite new people, it will be more exciting still having to meet new friends and don't worry if you think that you have nothing to do. There will always be lots to do, such as going to a museum, to a park, movies perhaps or stay home eat and talk about books you have read, share stories and experiences. Do not frustrate yourself because possibilities are endless and new relationships as well.

    If unfortunately this cannot be done anymore, don't worry, there are senior centers that offer socialization. Bingo may sound old and actually a traditional game to play but still fun and popular up to this day. Everyone can still enjoy it. Like earlier there are endless of possibilities, everyone at any age can still enjoy shopping maybe do it once in a while. To add excitement and feel like young again, maybe you can try to choose to make it a girls' night out or a boys' night out so you can plan an afternoon at your favorite restaurant, then shopping afterwards.
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Springhill Care Group: Why Laughter is the Best Medicine - 0 views

    We all hear this often, laughter is the best medicine. Despite the fact that this may be an old saying, it still holds as true up to present. Laughter grants a lot of health benefits. And what makes it a lot better, best of all, it is free and easy.

    Laughter helps to unite people going through difficult times this is according to It can be able to also mend feelings of defeat and resentment, make anger softer, and generally help people become resilient or even losing someone. The therapeutic effortlessness of a soft smile or a hearty belly laugh has more of benefits than what was mentioned. It is much like of an exercise, there are many benefits plus the physical benefits of laughter can last for hours.

    These helpful gains may aid to:

    * Brighten mental clarity
    * Reduce blood pressure
    * Spark the immune system
    * Relax muscles and ease digestion
    * Release endorphins to dampen pain
    * Boost oxygen levels to the brain and circulatory system

    As a universal lingo, laughter is capable of also building social ties and dispersing anxiety. It smooths the progress of relationship and permits attachments while dropping social fear factors. Steve Wilson, Director of National Humor Month and Founder of The World Laughter Tour, started an international happiness epidemic in laughter clubs and outreach programs led by Certified Laughter Leaders. His methodology "utilizes a systematic activity approach that is based on a foundation of both ancient practices and modern medical science," and it supports primary treatment as an adjunctive therapeutic modality.

    Group laughter can also save you away from pain and depression through natural release even though anger and crying has long been conventional vehicles for catharsis and release in psychotherapy. Its consequence can be in impulsiveness of thinking and make the horrifying more reachable. This constructs a height of consciousness where one can move a bit further and w
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Springhill Care Group: Cost and Coverage of Home Care - 1 views

    Nursing home is a home combined with skilled nursing care, rehabilitative care, medical services, personal care, and recreation in a supervised and environment. letting your love ones stay in the nursing home may be hardest decision but choosing the right home will be next hardest. Entering the nursing home doesn't mean that the family involvement ends, instead it is their responsibility to make sure that the home care provides good care.

    Remember the following when choosing the best home care:

    * Have a discussion with the loved one who will be living there. This will aid in adjusting to the major life change about to occur.
    * Work together with other family members and inquire for help in finding the best nursing home.
    * Be in touch with doctors, nurses, or any other health professionals or social workers who care for your loved one.
    * Chat with some nursing home employees, especially assistants since they give most of the care.
    * Solicit a pastor or rabbi for guidance.
    * Contact the long-term care ombudsman.

    People often think that home care is expensive and yes nursing home care can be expensive. It can differ widely depending on where you live but often the average cost is more than $50,000 a year and rising. Sadly, employee health insurance does not pay for nursing home care. A great number of nursing home residents, about a third of its population, pay all of their nursing home expenses from their own funds. Long stay in a home care can consume all your or your loved one's savings fast. There are many who exhaust their finances after just six months. And about a five percent of them buys long-term care insurance, which covers the cost of a nursing home or other extended care.

    Medicare, the federal health insurance program for older persons and some younger ones with disabilities, pays for short-term nursing home stays but the rest, about two-thirds, are from the Medicaid.
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News - Springhill Care Group: Effective Communication with the Elderly - 1 views

    It is quite a challenge sometimes to talk or to communicate to elderly because you may need to consider and deal with differences in ages, ideals, priorities and perhaps even hearing or mental cognition issues on top. Don't close your mind and take it for consideration that your elderly friend or loved one may have been raised differently. Generation gap is another issue why it can be hard to communicate with the elderly but once understood, you will find many wonderful things to learn from one another if you just take the time to listen.

    When talking to the elderly, look them in the eye. We all know that looking in the eye when talking to someone is a sign of respect. That is a general rule and that has always been and forever will be. An honest person will never be afraid to look you in the eye and it is also a sign of a genuine interest in the person you are conversing with.

    Do not use or maybe you could turn off you mobile devices, more often than not they do not understand these things and they will feel destructed by it and worse will feel like they are playing second fiddle to a piece of equipment that can lead to them to shut down and lose interest in talking to you.

    Always be respectful, this applies to everyone. You might confuse this with being sweet and condescending but these two are different from respect. Listen to them, or maybe if fitting you can place your hand on their hand or arm. Remember, they are your elderly and not your children so never call them names like, 'sweetie', 'honey', or 'darling', that will be rude!

    Never ever shout at them, if they have troubles hearing you or the surrounding get them hearing aide. They may pull away from communicating with anyone and even become bitter if this is taken for granted. And they may not admit this so it is up to you to notice if they cannot hear properly anymore or have them checked regularly.

    Never make them feel that being there for
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Springhill Group Reviews: Senior Care Technology Round-Up Providing Better Living for E... - 0 views

    Tech companies put into view their newest improvements in senior care. To help seniors age in place they provided gadgets to aid their needs from personal robots and virtual exercising, to remote-monitoring technology that tracks vitality and detects injuries yet companies are still developing new tools.

    Mobile App Provides Enterprise-Wide Analysis, Enables Competitor Comparisons

    Web-based staff scheduling and shift management software for the healthcare industry, OnShift announced its new app OnShift Mobile. The main focus of the app is for on-the-go executives in the senior care industry, it delivers top-down analysis into staffing and labor management.

    The intend of making prompt and well-versed decisions in improving operations, labor costs and resident care, OnShift Mobile expands the functionality of OnShift staff scheduling software with key workforce analytics so executives expand actionable insight across properties.

    There are different features included such as: tracking staffing levels; overtime and occupancy status against budgets; insight at the enterprise, region, division and facility/community-basis; the ability to compare their organization against other regions, divisions and properties with new peer analysis capabilities.

    Social Media Tool Recruits Client Leads, Provides Caregiver and Patient Updates

    "Social media and aging senior care don't seem to go hand-in-hand. But for Home Care Assistance, an in-home senior care company, social media has been an invaluable tool for growth, propelling the business to hit $63 million in revenue in 2012 and grow 25% year-over-year for nearly a decade," reports Fox Business.

    "The company uses social media as a recruiting tool for new client leads, provide updates on its caregivers and patients as well as to offer health tips for the elderly."

    "There are a lot of misnomers and myths propagated by our industry about social media," she says. "The primary health-care de
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Springhill Care Group: Know when you Need the Help of Home Care - 1 views

    It is normal for aging people to have a physical and mental decline and it happens in varying rates and this varying case sometimes needs a higher level of support. Those elderly who chooses to stay at their own home for as long as possible need somebody to constantly assess whether they are actually coping. And their children should do so but if the children live in a very far place this cant be possible so they need to assign somebody who is in regular contact with them to do the monitoring. But how can you determine if they need to be transferred to home care?

    Forgetfulness about household matters, it is sometimes normal but if it can costs their lives it is about time.

     Going out and leaving the house unlocked
     Losing keys and valuables
     Stoves and ovens not turned off
     Failure to place trash cans out for collection
     Newspapers lying uncollected on the front lawn
     Uncollected mail spilling out of the letter box
     Household chores not attended to
     The yard not kept tidy
     Inability to care for the needs of a pet

    Lack of attention to personal care, if they let go of this they already need help.

     Clothes not laundered as frequently as necessary
     Inability to match colors when dressing
     Dressing in inappropriate clothing for the time of day
     Failure to keep scheduled medical appointments
     Medication not being taken
     A refrigerator containing mostly contaminated and unusable food
     Weight loss due to illness or lack of proper dietary intake

    Outdoor safety, if they are being a risk to themselves and to others it is time to get help.

     Driving ability likely to cause accidents
     Wandering around the neighborhood aimlessly
     Getting lost
     Forgetting where they live

    Inability to manage personal affairs

     Bills that are unpaid
     Leaving cash lying around the home
     Losing money
     Not getting to the bank to obtain cash for necessary purchases
     Losing checkbooks and other documents

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Springhill Care Group: Misconceptions towards Home Care - 1 views

    1. A Home Caregiver Can't Provide the Expertise and Level of Care a Senior Nursing Facility Can.

    A 24/7 care can be provided by a quality home care, this include round-the-clock check-ups of vital signs and caregivers monitoring medications of the elderly. A home health caregiver is able to pay all his attention to his patient because he is just responsible to a single patient.
    In turn he will always be present in any emergency and the best thing is that they are trained professionally in dementia care. Grooming and hygiene are never a problem since they practice one is to one caregiver-patient relationship, you are sure that your love one is well taken care of. Their nursing services also include grooming, bathing, transportation, housekeeping, diet management, and senior companionship.
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Springhill Care Group | Alzheimer's as Most Feared Disease by Americans According to Poll - 1 views

    Free Alzheimer's Training Available in all 50 States to Support Family Caregivers
    Alzheimer's disease is a fatal, progressive and degenerative disease that destroys brain cells. It is the most common form of dementia. Alzheimer's disease is not a normal part of aging. Symptoms include having difficulty remembering things, making decisions and performing everyday activities. These changes can affect the way a person feels and acts. There is currently no way to stop the disease, but research is improving the way provide care and will continue to search for a cure.

    Americans fear developing Alzheimer's disease more than any other major life-threatening disease, including cancer, stroke, heart disease and diabetes according to OMAHA, Neb. - November 13, 2012 - Home Instead Senior Care®, the world's leading provider of home care services for seniors, announced new survey results.
    More than 1,200 Americans was designed to gain perspective on the most pressing concerns associated with Alzheimer's, including diagnosis and the difficulties of caring for a loved one with the disease, according to the survey of Marist Institute for Public Opinion.
    According to Jeff Huber, president and chief operating officer of Home Instead, Inc. "The survey confirmed what our franchise owners had been hearing from their clients and their families - the majority of Americans feel unprepared to care for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's. The need for support and education for these families is critical."

    Additional survey highlights include:
    o Nearly two-thirds of Americans (63 percent) have had a personal experience with someone with Alzheimer's and/or a serious memory loss problem.
    o 61 percent of Americans feel unprepared to care for a loved one diagnosed with the disease.
    o If diagnosed with the disease, Americans most fear the inability to care for oneself, and burdening others (68 percent); followed by losing memory of life and lov
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Springhill Care Group | Advantages of Home Care - 1 views

    Time is very essential to everybody. We will never know when were going to loose it.
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Springhill Home Care Group Korea Reviews Seoul Employs Elderly to Tackle Phone Waste - 6 views

    Patients with sickle cell disease move from pediatric to adult health care because they now depend more on the emergency room, says researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

    Reported at the American Society of Hematology's annual meeting in Atlanta, more than 3,200 patients with sickle cell disease demonstrates that emergency room visits tripled from age 15 to age 24 this is according to the study of Medicaid data.

    According to hematologist Morey A. Blinder, MD, associate professor of medicine, "There seems to be a breakdown in medical care during the transition from childhood to adulthood. Not only emergency department usage, but hospitalizations go up during this time as well."

    Blinder further added that one possible explanation for the increased reliance on emergency care is the relative lack of adult health care providers with experience caring for sickle cell patients. Alarming similar issues are arising for other pediatric diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and hemophilia. The said illnesses were previously fatal. What is more sad about the problem is over the past few decades the number of children and teenagers are living into adulthood with these conditions increased. What makes the matters worse is there often aren't enough primary care physicians who can provide care for these adult patients.

    Many are not familiar to the understanding of the sickle cell disease. It refers to a number of inherited genetic conditions the "sickle" shape red blood cells aren't normal, they are suppose to be normally round, disk-like red blood cells. The problems with these malformed red blood cells are prone to clogging smaller blood vessels and they do not carry oxygen to the body as well as healthy cells. The condition often causes pain in places the cells block blood flow that sometimes causes more severe complications include blindness, strokes and pneumonia.

    Medical patients from five states including Florida, New Jersey
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Spain Borrowing Costs Ease, Catalonia Unhappy - 0 views

    Springhill Care Group - Spain's borrowing costs on its 10-year government bonds fell to the lowest level since January on Thursday.

    At its latest debt auction raised 4.8 billion euros and saw strong demand from investors for the bonds maturing in three and 10 years' time.

    Madrid has been able to more easily sell its bonds at lower rates of interest since the European Central Bank announced its bond-buying plan.

    Trader Ignacio Blanco with Bankinter said: "Over the last month and a half bond interest rates are down more than two percent, since Draghi spoke at the end of July. There was strong demand in the days before the auction and today too. They were buying bonds before, they continued to buy today, and the initial operations after the auction were good."

    Many analysts have warned Spain's borrowing costs could skyrocket to unsustainable levels unless Rajoy asks for an international bailout, at which point the ECB would start buying Spanish bonds.

    The country's economic crisis is exposing deep fault lines with the wealthy, but heavily indebted, region of Catalonia calling for tax breaks.

    Catalonia, which is in northeastern Spain, generates one fifth of the country's economic output and is home to 16 percent of Spaniards.

    More than half of Catalans say they want a separate state, and hundreds of thousands marched in Barcelona last week - the biggest such show of separatist fervor.

    The upsurge in Catalan separatism is founded on a conviction that Madrid is draining the region financially.

    The central government collects most taxation payments then redistributes them to Spain's 17 self-governing regions, which run their own schools and hospitals. Each year Catalans say they pay 16 billion euros more in taxes than the regional government spends.

    The region's debts have made the Madrid government's task of balancing the budget more difficult.

    Rajoy has threatened to intervene in regions that cannot control their budgets. Catalonia is lik
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