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Springhill Home Care Group Honoring Special Diets during the Holidays - 1 views

    We are used to a tradition of flooding of food during holidays, eggnog on Christmas, stuffing on Thanksgiving, or latkes on Hanukkah. A get together without food, that won't do. The holidays are traditionally a time for big meals with predictable main courses and side dishes, but for those with dietary restrictions, each meal brings a challenge.

    Sofie McConnaughay owner of a skin care studio that caters to people with allergies and sensitivities in Boise, Idaho said, "There is an old family dinner roll recipe that is completely out of the question for me." And she added, "It's sad, because they're my favorite part of the holiday meal experience!"

    Many people are on strict diet and among these is Ms. McConnaughay who must stick with a gltuen-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and more-even during this festive time of year. "Special diets can really effect people over the holidays," said Christie Korth, a holistic nutritionist and Founder and CEO of Happy and Healthy Wellness, Inc. She is also the author of "The IBD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Healing Plan and Recipe Book" (IBD is an acronym for).

    Mashed potatoes, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, or steamed vegetables with butter, these food may sound safe but Ms. Korth pointed out that these can be no-no's for many special diets. "The way around it is to make sure you bring yummy dishes to your family celebration and enjoy your own food," she said. "What I have found is in many families while there may be some resistance to a special diet in the beginning, over time there are family members that are very accommodating to dietary restrictions."

    Ms. McConnaughay's solution so that the family wouldn't miss out on something they love to eat yearly, she has been to keep making the dinner rolls she loves for everyone to eat and enjoy. "I also bring fresh, homemade butter
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Meaningful Ways of Honoring the Veterans of the Korean War - 1 views This past weekend was the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the K...

springhill home care korea reviews meaningful ways of honoring the veterans korean war

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