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    Yoga is very much popular nowadays and we all know it benefits while others think that it is hard to do and much more to elderly. The question is; can seniors, above 65, do yoga asanas? And the answer is of course, it is actually can do good for them as much as it can do well for any age. All ages and from all walks of life to utilize the techniques of yoga for creating a harmonious and joyful existence.Older people can do asanas. Union of the various aspects of our existence like body, breath, mind etc is the basic premise in yoga. The word yoga comes from a Sanskrit root 'Yuj meaning 'to unite'. But they can only do so provided they keep some guidelines in mind.

    The kind of asanas one should do as age progresses are the following:
    * Substitute warm-ups with brisk walking and joint movements.
    * Standing Yoga Poses Triangle Pose (konasana series) and Standing Spinal Twist (Kati chakrasanas)
    * Sitting Yoga Poses Butterfly Pose, Cradling (if possible), body rotation, Cat stretch and Child pose (Shishu Asana).
    * Yoga Poses lying on the back or stomach Focus on repetitions rather than holding any posture such as the Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), the Locust Pose (Shalabhasana) or the Knee to Chin Press (Pawanmuktasana).
    * Yoga nidra is by far the most essential part of any yoga practice, and as age progresses, it becomes even more essential to help assimilate the effect of the asana practice into our system.

    There is also some easier exercise for seniors like, Sukshma Yoga. This can be practiced independently or in a group to be a part of a larger yoga plan. All ages can do the exercise and can receive its benefits for only within 20-30 minutes. It consists of simple and gentle exercises for the eyes, tongue and jaws, neck, hands, feet, knees, ankles and hips.

    Seniors should practice yoga asanas by following some guidelines. The Patanjali Yoga Sutras identify asana as "sthira sukham asanam" that define as st
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