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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Ashanti Ali

Ashanti Ali

Paypal Scam-livejournal-zimbio-newsvine - Timothy Weeper's column on Newsvine - 1 views

  • The World Wide Web consortium is one of the well-known partners in business. Due to the growing demand of the business industry, firms use the triple W in order for them to reach their customers across the world. And well as to make their business reached by their customers at their most convenient approach.
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Ashanti Ali

Morsi as Democratic Egypt's Leader-newsvine - Timothy Weeper's column on Newsvine - 1 views

  • Egypt's new president Mohamed Morsi is reconsidering the peace agreement with Israel and ties with Iran in an attempt to build a strategic balance in the region.Morsi was quick to announce that all issues will be addressed by governmental bodies as he will not make decisions on his own, according to Springhill Group Home."Part of my agenda is the development of ties between Iran and Egypt that will create a strategic balance in the region."Morsi has convened with his advisors to form a new Cabinet prior to his swearing-in on Saturday as the first freely-elected leader.
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Ashanti Ali

Springhill Home Care Group Korea Reviews Seoul Employs Elderly to Tackle Phone Waste - 6 views

    Scam, Frauds and identity theft are just some of the threats encountering by the internet users. For the new users this kind of occurrence during their search or conversation on the internet can give them quite idea that these are likely important and can simply hook them up in just a single click.
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Ashanti Ali

LIVING AND CARE OPTIONS | Springhill Group Florida - Home Care - Springhill Group Care ... - 3 views

    Springhill Group living and care options are available depending on what the residents need and prefer. Independent Living The independent accommodations are occupied for those who wish to maintain a significant standard of flexibility, but also value the friendly relationship, the security, recreational facilities, and care that is provided by to them.
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Ashanti Ali

SOUTH KOREA - Shake-up for entrance exam - 0 views

    CONSULTING GROUP OF SPRINGHILL SOUTH KOREA - A plan to alter the subjects of the lowest level South Korean Public Service exam in favour of high school graduates has been met with opposition.
    The Ministry of Public Administration and Security has announced that it intends making the currently compulsory college level subjects optional while adding high school subjects as electives.
    The announcement came after President Lee Myung-bak said the percentage of high school graduates in the Public Service should be increased.
    A ministry spokesperson said that beginning in 2013, English and Korean history would be compulsory test subjects, while test-takers could select two more subjects either at university or high school level.
    "The plan aims to expand the opportunities for high school graduates to enter the public service sector," the spokesperson said.
    Those preparing to take the test have spoken out against the plan in a Government web forum.
    "The time and money I spent for the past three years on studying will go to waste," one said.
    "We will have tax officers who don't know accounting and prosecutors who have no idea about criminal law."
    Others have spoken out in support of the plan however, saying the high unemployment rate of graduates from provincial colleges and universities was a serious problem that needed to be addressed.
    Supporters said recruitment for the lowest level Public Service jobs was originally aimed at high school graduates.
    "Young individuals who have the basic requirements can be promoted to higher positions as they learn from experience," one said.
    "The current method may lead to unfavourable consequences such as hiring incompetent Public Servants.
    "Accordingly, it would be better to adopt a quota-system for high school graduates rather than changing the subjects."Seoul, 7 May 2012

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Ashanti Ali

Investor Center - Springhill Care group | Springhill Group Florida - Home Care - 0 views

    Springhill Group believes that if we remain focussed on providing excellentassistance to our residents and their families then we will be rewarded and honored. We are seeking to grow contacts in terms of retirement services, to meet the requirements of an elderly growing society which is increasing for the next couple years!
    Contact us now at
Ashanti Ali

IP to invest $44M to improve Bogalusa mill | Shreveporttimes | - 0 views

    International Paper is investing $44 million to modernize its Bogalusa site, according to state and wire reports.

    IP Bogalusa Mill Manager Todd Crutcher said the investment will help retain more than 400 jobs at the facility and save more than four times that number in related jobs in the community.

    IP completed a $4.5 billion acquisition of Temple-Inland Inc. in February and became the fifth owner of the Bogalusa mill in its 106-year history. The Bogalusa jobs average more than $69,000 a year, plus benefits.

    "International Paper is the largest private employer in Washington Parish and one of the top five economic drivers on the Northshore," Gov. Bobby Jindal said in a release. "Yet this community has been concerned for many years about the facility's future. That's why our state's Business Expansion and Retention Group began regular visits with Temple-Inland staff in early 2009 and continued to work with International Paper after it acquired Temple Inland's assets through a merger. The bottom line is that we made it a top priority to retain this facility and protect the thousands of jobs in this community. Today's announcement shows our strong commitment to retaining and growing existing Louisiana businesses. This upgrade will make the mill more competitive and help secure the long-term viability of this facility in Bogalusa."

    IP, headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., is a global leader in the paper and packaging industry and operates 10 facilities in this state, including locations in Shreveport, Mansfield, Minden, Campti, Springhill, Lafayette and Alexandria.

    "We are extremely pleased to have the State of Louisiana partner with us in modernizing the Bogalusa mill. This combined effort will help our mill become even more competitive - which is positive for our employees, Bogalusa and the surrounding communities, and International Paper," Crutcher said.

    The state's Business Expansion and Retention Group started talks with Temple-Inland staf
Ashanti Ali

SLIDEBOOM: Springhill Care Group: Netflix announce loss on 1Q - 0 views

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    Springhill Care Group: Netflix announce loss on 1Q
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    The largest video subscription service provider Netflix fell the most in 6 months, following a prediction of slowdown in growth of local streaming subscribers. Netflix has posted a net loss of 8 cents per stock or USD 4.58 million during the first quarter due to costs from the United Kingdom and Latin America expansion. That is significantly smaller than the USD 9 to 27 million loss projected in January. Meanwhile, sales increased by 21% to USD 869.8 million, beating the estimated USD 865.5 million. According to Springhill Florida Group, Netflix could gain 200,000-800,000 streaming subscribers during the 2nd quarter as opposed to a net increase of 1.7 million during the last one. Stockholders seemed to have hesitated, accounting for a fall in its shares, 65% in the previous year.
    Slide 3
    Its DVD-by-mail service is still a major part of the profits accounting for 46% of the total, despite having less than half of the number of subscribers on its streaming counterpart. But even if the mail service is rapidly losing subscribers as they turn to streaming, the loss rate is fortunately declining. On the other hand, streaming services accounts for 13% of the total profits during the recent quarter. Fortunately, the firm has set a streaming record on its first quarter, with subscribers watching an average of 1 hour per day. And as part of maintaining its recovery, CEO Reed Hastings announced that there are no plans to raise prices and their primary focus now is on adding more subscribers. But with an increasing number of competitors, Netflix needs to stand out. However, with its subscribers not increasing as much as they hoped, Hastings hopes to invest into original series and expand globally. Those plans obviously cost a lot of money and without revenue from ads, it only relies on the influx of more subscribers.
    Slide 4
    Netflix has new US subscribers for its streaming services, accounting or 1.7 mil
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