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Springhill Care Group | South Korean hospital won't transfer American home until $40K b... - 1 views

    Springhill Care Group | South Korean hospital won't transfer American home until $40K bill is paid
    Sean Jones family ask for donations for the young English teacher who has the rare brain disease anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, can continue treatment in the United States.

    According to the reports, the American teacher Sean Jones was treated for a rare brain disease in South Korea is unable to return home until his nearly-$40,000 hospital bill is paid

    The family of an American man stuck in a South Korean hospital is requesting for donations to bring him home.

    Since May, the young teacher Sean Jones from Oklahoma City, has been hospitalized with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare autoimmune disease that causes swelling in the brain.

    Reports says that Yonsei University Severance Hospital in Seoul refuses to release him after his bill of nearly $40,000 is paid while Jones' family wants him transferred to an American hospital for continued treatment

    Friends and family have set up a Facebook page and a account to raise money for medical costs. So far they have raised about three-quarters of the goal, Sean's mother, LaTanya Dodd, told The Korea Herald.

    "I really don't know if they can legally hold him here. If they can't legally do so, he will be going," said Dodd, who came to South Korea in July to care for her son, to the paper. "They won't care for him anymore, and that's what I'm worried about. Is that going to affect the whole outcome - just sitting here waiting?"

    Family members said Jones was moved to a group room and suffers from bedsores due to a lack of care.

    The fresh college grad, portrayed as outgoing and passionate about education, had been teaching English in Hwajung for almost a year when he started experiencing headaches and hallucinations.

    He was prescribed by the doctor, antidepressants and was advised to rest but his conditioned worsened. He was admitted t
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Springhill Care Group: Why Laughter is the Best Medicine - 0 views

    We all hear this often, laughter is the best medicine. Despite the fact that this may be an old saying, it still holds as true up to present. Laughter grants a lot of health benefits. And what makes it a lot better, best of all, it is free and easy.

    Laughter helps to unite people going through difficult times this is according to It can be able to also mend feelings of defeat and resentment, make anger softer, and generally help people become resilient or even losing someone. The therapeutic effortlessness of a soft smile or a hearty belly laugh has more of benefits than what was mentioned. It is much like of an exercise, there are many benefits plus the physical benefits of laughter can last for hours.

    These helpful gains may aid to:

    * Brighten mental clarity
    * Reduce blood pressure
    * Spark the immune system
    * Relax muscles and ease digestion
    * Release endorphins to dampen pain
    * Boost oxygen levels to the brain and circulatory system

    As a universal lingo, laughter is capable of also building social ties and dispersing anxiety. It smooths the progress of relationship and permits attachments while dropping social fear factors. Steve Wilson, Director of National Humor Month and Founder of The World Laughter Tour, started an international happiness epidemic in laughter clubs and outreach programs led by Certified Laughter Leaders. His methodology "utilizes a systematic activity approach that is based on a foundation of both ancient practices and modern medical science," and it supports primary treatment as an adjunctive therapeutic modality.

    Group laughter can also save you away from pain and depression through natural release even though anger and crying has long been conventional vehicles for catharsis and release in psychotherapy. Its consequence can be in impulsiveness of thinking and make the horrifying more reachable. This constructs a height of consciousness where one can move a bit further and w
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