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"Monkey, Ghost, and God 'cant own copyright' says US" - 9 views

I would agree that in this situation, the photographer should own the copyright on the monkey selfie. I think that while its really neat and cool that monkeys can take selfies and elephants can pai...

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Kaitie Warren

Local Contexts - 3 views

    Local Contexts is a new forum for applying Traditional Knowledge licenses or labels to materials from Indigenous communities. They work a lot like Creative Commons licenses. There are often different categories of Indigenous knowledge meant only for the community, or only for women, or only for leaders, and these licenses offer a way to label materials accordingly. These labels and licenses are added onto existing copyright, which is often held by the person who made a tangible material rather than the community where the idea comes from (an anthropologist who filmed a traditional ceremony owns the copyright on the film, and the community has no copyright). These TK labels are asking people who come across materials like this to think about how they are using the materials, and to think about whose intellectual property they are. This is a very new initiative, but a really valuable tool. This is part of a different conversation that challenges how we normally talk about copyright and intellectual property.

The Stationers' Company and Copyright: a brief introduction - 1 views

    After reading a brief history of copyright law after the advent of the printing press, it is easy to see that copyright has always been an evolving concept. With the internet we again find ourselves needing to redefine what copyright means and who its serving. The Stationers' Company era of copyright offered no protections to the author of the work, and now we offer a lot of protections to the author of the work - and the technologies we use to access works of knowledge and art are unable to do so with the current laws. I appreciate the videos in the current module that detailed the advances some countries are making in evolving copyright law to be more flexible and keep the user in mind.

Digital Copyright, Contracts and Moral Rights - YouTube - 4 views

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    Part of NAVA's professional development session on social media for artists, Zoë Rodriguez from the Copyright Agency Limited discusses digital copyright, contracts and moral rights. (New Zealand) We live in a global world - if you use someone's work from another country, take note of their copyright laws.
    useful thank you
    Great post. It's always nice to get insight into the "bigger picture" when talking about complicated laws like copyright instead of just isolated incidents.

Landowner Copyrights "Art" on His Land to Prevent Pipeline - 3 views

I feel like copyright terms are way too long in general, but I have to say that I get a kick out of someone using them like this.

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Olivia Azar

Copyright in MOOCS - 5 views

    If you want to dig deeper in terms of copyright, this PDF might be helpful.
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    What copyright considerations effect MOOC? Are technology transfer issues at stake? Both discussed very nicely in this paper?
    The issue of copyright has always been a contentious issue long before the introduction of MOOCs. The debate, now that we have MOOCs in our midst will continue as we try to find a common ground. The issue on the table is fair play.
    The article addresses the copyright challenges in a MOOC environment. Very useful reading as it discusses the IPR issues we generally do not think of.
Jamie F

Copyright Law in Canada: An Introduction to the Canadian Copyright Act - 0 views

A good reference for those who are exploring 'intellectual property' law, especially in Canada. This page covers Canada's history with The Copyright Act and its many revisions. http://www.maplelea...

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The Internet Of Things And Canadian Copyright Law - 0 views

    2 Oct 2014 - Canada - Intellectual Property - The Internet Of Things And Canadian Copyright Law - Bennett Jones LLP - Many of you have read about the dispute over copyright ownership of the monkey-selfie, where a primate took a digital photo that went viral.

Clearing Up the Copyright Confusion: Fair Dealing and Bill C-32 - Michael Geist - 1 views

    Description: "Fair dealing has played a prominent role in the hearings on Bill C-32, with education and creator groups debating the merits and impact of the proposed reforms.  Unfortunately, much of the discussion has confused rather than clarified the issue with misleading claims about potential losses, inaccurate comments on copyright and Internet materials, and dubious arguments about the compliance of the reforms under international copyright law."
Fernando Carraro

When a monkey takes a selfie . . . - 6 views

Fue algo bastante curioso y hasta gracioso, en donde se determinó que el mono era el dueño de los derechos de esa foto. ... It was pretty interesting and even funny, where it was determined that th...

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IFLA Copyright & Libraries - Ruth Okediji - 0 views

    Libraries advocate for copyright frameworks that balance the rights of users and creators. They play a vital role in the debate on international copyright. Stressing this point, Professor Ruth Okediji from the University of Minnesota Law School discussed in her presentation how to adjust the role and the functions of libraries in the digital environment.
Kevin Stranack

Houston, We Have A Public Domain Problem - 5 views

    Case study of a copyright take down notice and discussion of copyright and public domain issues.
    This is a really excellent article! Access to the public domain and to the things that are in it (or should be, but never are) is at the root of my interest in copyright. I do wish there was more information about how we can fight back, if that's even possible. (I also appreciate the link to the Public Domain review in the article, and that the Public Domain review has a Tumblr. Something to investigate for my final project!)
    Curioso caso. También hay otros casos sobre los problemas que hay, por ejemplo, en los personajes animados de Dominio Público como Peter Pan, Bambi, etc., donde empresas como Disney reclaman que sean de Dominio Público para poder lucrar con ellos, pero se niegan a que otros personajes en específico Mickey Mouse lo sean. Una doble moral.

Support Guides | Copyright @ UBC - 2 views

    If you're taking this course out of Canada, the Copyright @ UBC website has a lot of really good information available to you. Guides specifically relevant to this course include the Creative Commons Guide (where you can find information about using CC licensed work, applying CC licenses to your own work, and several lists of websites where you can find CC licensed work) and the Public Domain Guide (where you can find information about how to determine if something is in the public domain in Canada). The entire site is CC BY-SA (except where otherwise indicated) though, so the entire thing is a resource for copyright questions in Canada.

Copyright Toolkit - 2 views

    Libraries are the primary cultural and scientific institutions for providing information as a public good and preserving our cultural heritage. To fulfill their mission in the digital age, libraries need an updated system of copyright limitations and exceptions.

In Twist, Publishers Appeal Their 'Win' in GSU Copyright Case - 0 views

    In a surprise move, the publisher plaintiffs in the closely-watched Georgia State University copyright case have asked for a full (en banc) hearing by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, despite the fact that a three-judge panel handed them a victory last month when it unanimously reversed a 2012 district court verdict against them.

Is open access compatible with copyright? - 0 views

    Completely. The short answer is that copyright law gives the copyright holder the right to make access open or restricted, and we seek to put copyright in the hands of authors or institutions that will consent to make access open. The long answer depends on whether we are talking about open access journals or open access repositories.

Drawing That Explains Copyright Law | Erik J. Heels - 3 views

    Description: This article explains issues about copyright, unregulated uses and fair use.

The Creators' Copyright Coalition - 1 views

    Article Title: The CCC Position on Bill C-32, the Copyright Modernization Act

Insect photographer squashed by copyright infringement (Wired UK) - 0 views

    "Here is a true story about how copyright infringement costs [a] small photography business thousands of dollars every year. Or, maybe it isn't. It could also be a true story of how copyright infringement earns thousands of dollars every year. I can't be sure."
Guaraciara Silva

Standard License or Copyrights? that´s the question? - 0 views

Published on Apr 10, 2012 Category Education License Standard YouTube License This video was used as part of my classes about Brasilian Literature and I j...

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