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Paul Beaufait

MultiBrief: Effectively incorporating technology with English learners - 2 views

  • Perhaps the first consideration is the instructional purpose of the lesson, and how the technology will enhance that purpose or help students to achieve the goals and objectives of the lesson.
  • Technology, as mentioned earlier, has the power to increase student knowledge and skills in various content areas. Yet another consideration that must be taken into account when working with English learners is how the technology is increasing academic language knowledge and skills. It is critical, then, that teachers take into account not only the content goals and objectives for the lesson, but also the language goals and objectives as well as the linguistic demand of the tasks students will need to accomplish in the classroom.
  • English learners need additional instructional supports or scaffolds, including providing students with necessary background knowledge that other students may possess, using graphic organizers, pictures/visuals, demonstrations and realia, and providing redundant information and differentiated instruction based on students' language proficiency level. When researching various technology tools, it is critical that we investigate how the tool addresses these principles.
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  • The use of technology in the classroom is quickly becoming not only commonplace, but also essential for helping students gain the 21st-century skills they will need to be successful in the future.
  • when implementing technology in the classroom, an important component of instruction is to teach students how to use technology effectively and responsibly. Students may need guidance and instruction on how to use technology appropriately given the task and learning at hand, how to avoid distractions with technology, and how to effectively navigate the digital world.
    In this article, Herrmann explains principles to guide the adoption and utilisation of technology to help meet general and specific needs of English-as-an-additional language learners.
Paul Beaufait

How to use - 4 views

    Video introducing Russell's website and the various types of videos it provides for learners of English and teachers interested in using technology in ELT and other areas
Paul Beaufait

My Languages: Guest Blog Post: Language Learning in Online Classes, Lindsey Wright - 10 views

    "Lindsey Wright is a keen linguist and she is fascinated with the potential of emerging educational technologies.... In this guest blog post, she considers the advantages and possible barriers to studying languages online.  
Paul Beaufait

Online Learning Readiness - 8 views

    A Penn State survey of learners' preferences. styles, and technological resources that provides feedback on readiness for online coursework
Paul Beaufait

Lang-8 - Multi-lingual language learning and language exchange | Lang-8 - 10 views

    A social networking system for learners of various languages seeking correction of their writing by native speakers of those languages, in exchange, return, or pay-forward for correction they provide for peer learners of their own languages.
David Wetzel

How to do Well in an Online Class in Distance Education Courses - 16 views

    Enrolling in a distance education course can raise many concerns, with how to do well in an online class being a leading cause of for this anxiety. Avoiding this apprehension requires a good understanding of the process of using the computers during online classes. This also leads to the need for preparation, planning, and developing an understanding one's ability to learn and study.
Paul Beaufait

E-Learning Journeys: Collaboration: Concept, Power and Magic - 0 views

  • It is through connections and communications using Web 2.0 and other tools that collaboration opportunities can emerge.
  • The ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with educators and students in all parts of the world using common online tools has changed the way I teach in the classroom, as well as changed the way I work as an administrator.
  • If you are practicing collaboration you have the power to change the world, one classroom at a time. The power of learning in a social and extended context, yet in a safe and supportive environment is achievable.
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  • The magic of collaboration comes from seeing students and teachers find their own voice and take charge of their own learning. It comes from being given choices and ownership and empowerment of their learning path.
    wonderful post about journeys "beyond 'wow!'"
susana canelo

brazilbridges / Cybersurfing with Young Learners - 0 views

    Carla's presentation
    Cybersurfing with Young Learners
Valentina Dodge

Digital student | - 0 views

    This supplement examines the role played by these technologies in shaping the new student experience, from the way students listen to lectures to the way they are assessed.
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