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Paul Beaufait

About Us - oomongzu (Fun & Innovative ESL videos and English videos) - 7 views

    Plenty of mind-numbing background music, but still worth checking further to see whether these "animated teaching videos for ESL and EFL learners" (About Us, ¶1, 2017.02.24 [JST]) might be suited to particular learners' needs
Walter Antoniotti

I Flipped statistics using computers - 11 views

learningwithcomputers education tools resources learning technology teaching

started by Walter Antoniotti on 08 Sep 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Response to Class Project Over 100 BUT - 6 views

No one e-mail with questions. I added a contest, made instruction clearer. Plus I added Turning Points in American History to the projects page.

learningwithcomputers education tools resources learning online teaching technology web2.0 writing

started by Walter Antoniotti on 15 Aug 16 no follow-up yet
Walter Antoniotti

Class Project - 6 views


learningwithcomputers education online technology writing

started by Walter Antoniotti on 12 Aug 16 no follow-up yet
andrew bendelow

Brain Development in a Hyper-Tech World - Dana Foundation - 4 views

    The information explosion brought about by the Internet and other modern technological tools has undeniably had positive influences on society. "These are enabling technologies," said Friedlander. "I think their greatest power lies in their ability to enable people to reach out to a world that is much greater than what any child is likely to get in their home or school environment. That's all good and positive." The trick, he said, is knowing where to draw the line. "It gets down to a quantitative question: how much is too much? That's where the rubber really meets the road for most people, and that is a really tough question to answer." The responsibility for making such decisions often falls on parents, but they may not be equipped, able, or willing to do so. "We always hear the same thing, that it's up to parents to control the use of these things and teach kids how to manage it all," said Grafman. "But in order for them to do this, they have to understand better themselves what they are creating with their children. Many parents today just say, 'here's your computer, put it in your room and do your homework on it,' and that's the last they see of the kid. If that's the case, how much are kids going to listen?"
darren mccarty

Bubbabrain 10 Million Game Challenge - 14 views

K-12 Challenge for students. Go to - click on the word challenges- select your challenge- select your state-pick a game- hit play.

education tools learningwithcomputers web2.0

started by darren mccarty on 19 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
Nessy yitway Biz

Flash Game Downloader v1.0 - 0 views

    You may have tried some of the ways, but with many methods or tools it still remains difficult to accomplish this task. That's why I want to show you this amazing solution. Flash Game Downloader allows you to easily download and play unlimited free flash games from all over the web.
Paul Beaufait

Writing Prompts that Motivate - 1 views

    One of many spelling, vocabulary, and writing resources on the Vocabulary and Spelling City site, this page explains, "Asking a child to write about something that matters to him [sic] right now is a powerful motivator. This is where writing prompts come in. Writing prompts are simply ideas or subjects offered as a foundation for students to build a writing assignment on" (¶3, 2011.07.25). It includes tips for preparing writing prompts as well as examples for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Thanks to Cara Whitehead (Learning with Computers) for pointing out this site.
Valentina Dodge

YouTube - English360's Channel - 14 views

    With English360, English teaching is changing. Our web-based learning platform can be used to create and deliver face-to-face, online and blended courses. Teachers an create personalised courses using digital authoring tools that let you combine coursebook content from Cambridge University Press
    What a great way to improve learning in the online field. Thanks for posting!
Paul Beaufait

Miguel Guhlin: Nurture Human Talents - 5 views

    Weighs drill-n-kill against creative engagement and problem solving with computers. Thanks to Claudia for point this out.
Gladys Baya

Timetoast Timelines - 8 views

    "Create timelines, share them on the web."
    Another tool to build timelines. Anyone who's triedit?
Gladys Baya

Podcasting Toolbox: 70+ Podcasting Tools and Resources - 6 views

    "a monster list of 70+ tools and resources for podcasters and wannabes"
Javier Mejia Torrenegra


    A partir del 2004, la penetración de servicios Web 2.0 a través de Internet, posibilitó una segunda generación de comunidades basadas en la Web y de servicios residentes en ella; tales como sitios que permiten generar redes sociales que facilitan la creatividad, la colaboración y que ofrezcan a los usuarios la posibilidad de compartir entre ellos contenidos y otros recursos, sin importar su diversidad o ubicación geográfica. Uno de los servicios más exitosos de la Web 2.0 son los denominados Wikis. Basta con mencionar a Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre y de construcción colectiva, como el ícono de lo que representa las posibilidades de esta tecnología informática en Internet.
Colishia Benjamin

learningwithcomputers07 / online_bookmarking - 5 views

    Dear all, Great to have you on board to one more journey into cyberspace. We'll start exploring the miscellaneous world of online bookmarking and the power it holds to connect to others, organize ourselves and share.
Gladys Baya

Addictomatic: Inhale the Web - 20 views

    "Instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic". Recommended by Vance Stevens!!!! AMAAAAAZING!!!!!!
    You have to try this. It's superb!
Einstein Franklin

Awesome Assignment - 2 views

This is an awesome lesson using Google Patents. If you haven't checked out google patents its great!

learningwithcomputers education resources teaching online tools

started by Einstein Franklin on 11 Nov 09 no follow-up yet
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