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Paul Beaufait

SAS and R: Options for teaching R to beginners: a false dichotomy? - 2 views

    Horton, Nick. (2017.07.27). Options for teaching R to beginners . . . [weblog post].
Paul Beaufait

Miguel Guhlin: Nurture Human Talents - 5 views

    Weighs drill-n-kill against creative engagement and problem solving with computers. Thanks to Claudia for point this out.
Chelsie Jolley

Kerpoof - 0 views

    A website for working with children!!!
    Great website for creating!
    Digital storytelling.
John Evans

Visual and Creative Thinking:What We Learned From Peter Pan and Willy Wonka - 0 views

    Presentation on Visual and Creative Thinking. The presentation explores how professional in all fields can apply creative and visual thinking skills to their work as well as why people ignore the talents that made them naturally creative as children. He will discuss the myths that people hold about creativity, why they exist and how you can overcome them. Great images!
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