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Jose Antonio da Silva

Creative Commons images and you: a quick guide for image users - 17 views

    Creative commons 
Izzaty P.

BibMe: Free, Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker - 0 views

    A free, fully-automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. The quickest way to build a 'works cited' page.

    1. Search for a book, article, website, or film from our database, or enter the information yourself.
    2. Add it to your bibliography.
    3. Download your bibliography in the MLA/APA/Chicago/Turabian formats and include it in your paper.
Paul Beaufait

Online Video Resources -- Center for Social Media at American University - 0 views

    videos and other publications
Paul Beaufait

Teaching Resources | Media Education Lab - 1 views

    "multimedia curriculum resources for K-12 media literacy education"
Diego Morelli

Digital Rights: the "Teaching Copyright" Project by the EFF for Students & Educators - 0 views

    A project by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has been created to help teachers provide accurate informations about the laws concerning digital rights & the concepts of copyright and piracy.
Paul Beaufait

Tech4Learning - Pics4Learning - 0 views

    "Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students.... Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated to the Pics4Learning collection" (About Pics4Learning, 2008.09.03).
Carla Arena

Middle School and High School Collaboration Rubric - 0 views

    This self- and peer-evaluation rubric focuses on collaborative, or perhaps cooperative activities and performances. There is a printable version (PDF), but both that and the web version are protected under copyright - all rights reserved, rather than under Creative Commons licenses.
    You would have to obtain permission from the copyright holder before using these rubrics, or before adapting them in any way, wouldn't you?
    Paul, yes. you need to ask permission as it is copyrighted. Info on the bottom of the page.
Holly Dilatush | Technology & Learning - The Resource for Education Technology Leaders - 0 views

  • 13. A history class videotapes a Holocaust survivor who lives in the community. The students digitally compress the interview, and, with the interviewee's permission, post it on the Web. Another school discovers the interview online and uses it in their History Day project. This is fair use.

    copyright info!
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