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Holly Dilatush

YouTube - Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams - 0 views

    amazing story -- The Last Lecture -- has anyone read the book? It's just been added to my list. INSPIRATIONAL video.
Gladys Baya

Microsoft Office Word Add-in For MediaWiki - 3 views

    Create and format a document in Word as before, choose File -> Save As and select MediaWiki* under file types. Word will now convert and save the document in Wiki style markup. It is supported on Microsoft Office Word 2007 and Office 2010. Reviewed by Amit Agwaral at Digital Inspiration
    This could be useful when we want students to try wiki writing... Has anyone tried it? Would love to know how well it works for Pbwiki, Wetpaint and Moodle wikis...
Gladys Baya

Bridges  |  BridgeURL - 12 views

    "Want an easy way to share a bunch of URLs? Simply list down all the URLs you want to share in the box below (one link per line, including http://) and we will create a single link to share." Reviewed by Amit Agwaral at Digital Inspiration.
    What a cool tool! Could be a very easy way to create a screencast...

25+ Best Educational Websites Inspiration 2016 - 0 views

    Educational Websites are represent schools, college, institutes and university, which have information about their education, courses, modules, fees and other information which are important for students, Educational websites must have attractive quality things to interact their students and donors, these websites also have gallery to show its happy and learning
Ninja Essays

Top 7 Online Writing Tools for Students Who Lack Motivation - 0 views

    "When you're faced with a writing assignment that's doesn't inspire you at all, it seems impossible for you to complete it by the deadline."
anamaria menezes

Motivator: Create your own customized motivational poster - 0 views

    Create your own customized motivational posters. Armed with a digital camera and that non-stop wit of yours, you now have the power to turn a simple photograph into a humorous or inspirational message. Print it, frame it! Make two-we know you've got hundreds of digital images and photos to spare!
Paul Beaufait

100 Reasons to Mind Map | Mind Map Inspiration - 2 views

    100 examples of how you can use mindmapping whether completely new to mind maps or a seasoned pro.
Kathleen N

The Freeciv Wiki - Mods, coding, art, and more - 4 views

    Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the stone age to the space age..

Why Full-Stack Development is Best to Upgrade Your Career? - 0 views

    Full-stack development is becoming a vital post as many professionals, as well as companies, realize its value. Thanks to its self-explanatory title, the full-stack developer skills do take time to hone and therefore promise heaps of profits. First, let's look at what it means. What is meant by full-stack development? Full-stack development is a skill set owned by a developer that can work around a project's both front and back ends. It allows them to handle clients, servers, and databases. Different kinds of stacks are used depending on the requirements, some of these are listed below: 1. Ruby on Rails (PHP, SQLite, Ruby) 2. Lamp stack (MySQL, Linux, PHP, and Apache) 3. Mean stack (Angular JS, MongoDB, Node.js, Express) Why become a full-stack developer? There are plenty of reasons why being a full stack developer would benefit you in the long run mentioned here: 1. High recruitment There is a huge demand for the skills owned by a full-stack developer. The reason is simple, as they are expected to 1. Cover presentation aspects 2. Work on logic 3. Handle databases In the last 2 years, the demand has risen up to 20%, so has the full-stack developer salary in India alongside it, making them a lucrative prospect for current IT students. 2. Not hard to learn The nature of their job is to be an all-rounder, not a specialist. A student just needs enough motivation in the web development arena to learn multiple skills and get started. 3. Wide portfolio What's more inspiring is that students don't need to go to a university to land a job, companies are willing to accept capable candidates who are skilled with a wide-ranging portfolio. However, it's best to learn by opting for a specialized full-stack developer course from a reputable institute. 4. No dependencies This is a job that doesn't need much cooperation with others as far as the back and front end development are concerned. A full-stack developer's skills range widely: 1. HTML DOM 2. S

Things To Do In Self Isolation | Mobile Bar Hire Company - 1 views

Things To Do In Self-Isolation Covid-19 Times Things to do in self isolating ? With the current climate as it stands, we ask ourselves- As a Mobile Bar Hire company read what things can you do t...

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started by hirebartenderuk on 30 Mar 20 no follow-up yet
Paul Beaufait

Free online tutorial for using DropBox - 21 views

    Wonderful introduction to basic functions of Dropbox for file and folder sharing through the cloud.
    Thanks for this wide information. I'm using Google drive but inspired to use dropbox for sharing huge files.
izz aty

HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works! - 0 views

    The leading source for clear, reliable explanations of how everything around us actually works.
Paul Beaufait

Half an Hour: The Future of Online Learning: Ten Years On - 0 views

  • While we want to provide personalized attention, especially to submitted work, testing and grading, learning is still heavily dependent on the teacher. But because the teacher in turn is responsible for assembling, and often presenting, the materials to be learned, customization and personalization have not been practical. So we have adopted a model where small groups of people form a cohort, thus allowing the teacher to present the same material to more than one person at a time, while offering individualized interaction and assessment.
  • Though networks have always existed, modern communications technologies highlight their existence and given them a new robustness. Networks are distinct from groups in that they preserve individual autonomy and promote diversity of belief, purpose and methodology. In a network, however, people do not act as disassociated individuals, but rather, cooperate in a series of exchanges that can produce, not merely individual goods, but also social goods.
  • In the case of informal learning, however, the structure is much looser. People pursue their own objectives in their own way, while at the same time initiating and sustaining an ongoing dialogue with others pursuing similar objectives. Learning and discussion is not structured, but rather, is determined by the needs and interests of the participants.
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • it is not clear that an outcomes driven system is what students require; many valuable skills and aptitudes – art appreciation, for example – are not identifiable as an outcome. This becomes evident when we consider how learning is to be measured. In traditional learning, success is achieved not merely by passing the test but in some way being recognized as having achieved expertise. A test-only system is a coarse system of measurement for a complex achievement.
  • The products of our conversations are as concrete as test scores and grades. (Ryan, 2007) But, as the result of a complex and interactive process, they are much more complex, allowing not only for the measurement of learning, but also for the recognition of learning. As it becomes easier to simply see what a student can accomplish, the idea of a coarse-grained proxy, such as grades, will fade to the background.
  • Most educators, and most educational institutions, have not yet embraced the idea of flow and syndication in learning. They will – reluctantly – because it provides the learner with the means to manage and control his or her learning. They can keep unwanted content to a minimum (and this includes unwanted content from an institution). And they can manage many more sources – or content streams – using feed reader technology.RSS and related specifications will be one of the primary ways Personal Learning Environments connect with remote systems. To use a PLE will be essentially to immerse oneself in the flow of communications that constitutes a community of practice in some discipline or domain on the internet.
  • In the end, what will be evaluated is a complex portfolio of a student’s online activities. (Syverson & Slatin, 2006)
  • place independence means that real learning will occur in real environments, with the contributions of the students not being some artifice designed strictly for practice, but an actual contribution to the business or enterprise in question.
  • As it becomes more and more possible to teach oneself online, and even to demonstrate one’s achievement through productive membership in a community of practice, there will be greater demand for a formalized system of recognition, a way for people to demonstrate their competence in an area without having to go through a formal program of study in the area.
  • the major shift in instructional technology will be from systems centered on the educational institution to systems centered on the individual learner.
  • rather than the employment of a single system to accomplish all educational tasks, both instructors and learners will use a variety of different tools in combination with each other.
  • Automation allows us to more easily create and present content, to more easily form groups and collaborate, to more easily give tests and take surveys. This frees instructors to perform tasks that have been traditionally more difficult and time consuming – to relate to students on a personal basis, to offer coaching and moral support, to learn about and analyze a student’s inclinations and understandings.
    Thanks for all of your inspiration!
    "an epic, must-read article" according to Brian Lamb (A social layer for DSpace? 2008.11.19
Gladys Baya

What Kind of People are Following You on Twitter - 0 views

    Use TwitterSheep to learn who's reading your tweets. Review by Amit Agwaral. My impressions here:
    @Ana Maria Menezes: the seed you planted keeps growing! ;-)
Carla Arena

The Bamboo Project Blog: Professional Development Practice: The One Sentence Journal - 0 views

    This idea is doable and a great starter for newbies. Inspiring!
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