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Walter Antoniotti

Response to Class Project Over 100 BUT - 5 views

No one e-mail with questions. I added a contest, made instruction clearer. Plus I added Turning Points in American History to the projects page.

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started by Walter Antoniotti on 15 Aug 16 no follow-up yet
Paul Beaufait

Duolingo - 5 views

  • Target users of the app would be autonomous users with some existing level of motivation or curiosity for language study who are seeking to refresh basic skills
  • The Duolingo app is probably best used as a supplement to other language learning materials that offer more contextualized authentic language use
    "[T]his review will focus on the iOS iPad version of Duolingo, Apple's 2013 App of the year (Duolingo, 2014) in English (L1) with French as the target language (L2)" (Overview, ¶2).

Paul Beaufait

Summative Assessment In eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know - eLearning... - 10 views

    This post identifies five types of summative assessment applicable to online learning environments, and offers four tips for making summative assessments.
Paul Beaufait

WebQuest Direct - Ecocide is a Crime - 6 views

    "In the context of this WebQuest, you will have the opportunity to learn about Ecocide as a concept, of its history, and you will have the opportunity to reflect on what is happening to our Planet and how it affects life as we know it (plants, animals, and humans)" (Home, para 2).
Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Breaking the MOOC Model - 4 views

    after Udacity's Sebastian Thrun said that MOOCs don't work for higher education ..
Paul Beaufait

Designing for Learning: Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online: Quick Guide for New Onl... - 21 views

    On this page, Boettcher explains, "ten best practices for anyone just getting started in the online environment. Research and experience suggest that these practices contribute to an effective, efficient and satisfying teaching and learning experience for both faculty and students" (para. 2, retrieved 2012.02.03 ["Minor revisions May 2011"]).
Jose Antonio da Silva

OER Commons - 9 views

    Open Educational Resoueces
Paul Beaufait

5 Instructional Shifts to Promote Deep Learning - Getting Smart by Susan Oxnevad - DigL... - 14 views

  • The seamless integration of technology into the Common Core-aligned curriculum supports learning through active participation and increases opportunities for all students to have access to the tools and information they need for success.
    Oxnevad suggests, "Students can develop transferrable knowledge and skills as they engage in learning experiences that require them to construct knowledge" (¶1). She argues for "seamless integration of technology" that will enable "students students to have access to the tools and information they need for success" (¶2), and proposes five instructional strategies for teachers to use to achieve those ends, namely:

    1. Preparing "complex questions that require students to use higher level thinking skills" (Help students uncover knowledge, ¶2);
    2. Facilitating learning from engaging and online resources, rather than delivering content (Eliminate the front of the classroom);
    3. Creating opportunities for real world collaboration (Encourage collaboration);
    4. Exploiting classroom and online opportunities for "frequent [and] informal assessment to gauge the effectiveness of your instruction and make adjustments to maximize the learning experience for each student" (Informally assess students [and instructional practices]); and
    5. Preparing and publishing screencast tutorials for students to peruse whenever necessary, "...[i]Instead of spending valuable instructional time teaching the same tech skills over and over again to individual students" (Provide students with built in tech support).

    This October 30, 2012, post ends with an illustration comprising focus questions and a ThingLink product of fifth grade students' work. A list of links to related posts follows.
Paul Beaufait

Moodle Hosting | Key To School - KTS - 10 views

    Recommended by Sar Davila,
Paul Beaufait

The Best Resources For Learning What Google+ Is All About | Larry Ferlazzo's ... - 13 views

    In July 2011, Larry shared his choices, "[starting] with posts from educators" that he recommended reading, along with the comments that followed. A note at the head of points out news of update as of Sept. 2011.
Paul Beaufait

TextToMindMap - Russell1955's library - 12 views

    In this short screencast (2012.06.19), Russell Stannard introduces "a lovely little text to mind-mapping tool."
Paul Beaufait

Tefl-teacher: Wordle. Novelty or useful teaching tool[?] - 17 views

    "...[H]ere are eight ways you can use Wordles in your class to help learners learn" (¶4, 2011.12.09).
Paul Beaufait

ESP for Busy College Students: Is the Blend of In-Class, Online & Mobile Learning the A... - 4 views

  • Neumeier (2005) more broadly defines a hybrid learning environment as “a combination of face-to-face (FtF) and computer assisted learning” used in a single course delivery context (p. 164).
  • hybrid language learning courses are “only going to foster successful language learning if they are carefully designed on the basis of an analysis of the participants’ needs and abilities” (p. 176).
  • Learning English for Special Purposes requires a high degree of interaction with peers, teachers, and content. Effective interaction with content was built into the instructional design, however increased levels of communication with peers and teachers are essential and these can be achieved only through the Internet.
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • writing practice and communication were conducted mainly through the computer not the mobile devices
  • students were in agreement that the blend of in-class, online and mobile delivery was an optimal solution for internationally trained immigrants learning English in a post-secondary context. They found the combination of 1) speaking taught primarily face-to-face, 2) listening taught on the mobile devices and 3) writing taught mainly online to be an effective approach.
  • the in-class component seemed to maintain the integrity of the hybrid course overall as it fostered a sense of community amongst the learners. As noted by participants, it was the design of the materials and the way in which they were presented, not the technology used, that impacted the effectiveness of the course the most.
  • The traditional classroom meetings though, were found most beneficial in promoting face-to-face interaction, ad-hoc speaking, pronunciation practice and the development of other communication competencies supported by visual cues.
  • the findings indicate that students’ progress was enabled by effective instructional design integrating goals and content relevant to the specific group of learners, together with the appropriate methods and media which enabled and enhanced interaction within the content.
    Palalas, Agnieszka. (2010). ESP for busy college students: It the blend of in-class, online & mobile learning the answer? IALLT Journal, 41(1). Retrieved November 22, 2011, from
Paul Beaufait

My Languages: Guest Blog Post: Language Learning in Online Classes, Lindsey Wright - 10 views

    "Lindsey Wright is a keen linguist and she is fascinated with the potential of emerging educational technologies.... In this guest blog post, she considers the advantages and possible barriers to studying languages online.  
Nahirco ..

Nik's Learning technology blog - 19 views

    Excellent collection of comments, idea and applications
David Wetzel

Web Based Science Inquiry Learning Centers: Combining Online Resources with Classroom S... - 8 views

    Web-based learning centers engage students by using interactive internet resources aligned with inquiry-based hands-on classroom activities to learn science concepts.

Paul Beaufait

Sitemap - Richard Byrne - 7 views

    Richard Byrne's Favorite Tech Resources for Teachers (Google Site, sitemap)
Nessy yitway Biz

Flash Game Downloader v1.0 - 0 views

    You may have tried some of the ways, but with many methods or tools it still remains difficult to accomplish this task. That's why I want to show you this amazing solution. Flash Game Downloader allows you to easily download and play unlimited free flash games from all over the web.
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