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Jenny L. - 1 views

    Explains about what people ate in the Middle ages
Benjamin R

Study Island Session - 1 views

  • During the Middle Ages, humble pie, an actual meal, was served to peasants. This dish was made from gizzards, hearts, livers, intestines, and other undesirable cuts of meat, usually from deer. (The choice cuts went to the upper class.)
    I found a study island question that describes humble pie, a dish for peasants in the middle ages.
Cameron G.

The Middle Ages for Kids - Common People, the Manorial System - 1 views

  • If the manor land was sold or reassigned to a new owner, the serfs stayed with the land.
  • Serfs had many jobs on the manor including craftsmen, bakers, farmers, and tax collectors
  • They had to do the job they were assigned to do. 
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • Serfs could buy their freedom from the manor, but where would they get the money?
  • If a new lord took over the manor, he would need the serfs for labor.
  • Peasants were free to leave if they wished
  • Peasants worked the land and made the goods in exchange for protection.
  • Other than that, their life was just like a serf's life.
  • A few peasants escaped the hard work on the farm by joining the church. But most lived and died on the manor where they were born.
  • Everyone had to pay taxes to the lord
  • To pay the crop tax, some crops went to the lord, and some they kept. To pay the bread tax, some bread they made went to the lord, and some they kept. To pay the coat tax, some of the warm coats they made went to the lord, and some they kept.
  • Everything was paid in barter. Coinage or money did not exist on the manor. 
  • People believed that the only way to get to Heaven was to follow the teachings in the Bible.
  • The common people could not read or write.
  • The priest told them who they must marry and when. You had to do everything the priest said if you wanted to get to heaven. 
  • peasants and serfs were mostly content with their lot.
  • work kept everyone on the manor fed and comfortable, including themselves. 
  • They were not slaves. These people could not be bought and sold. But they could not leave the manor without permission.
Maya G

The Lifestyle of Medieval Peasants - 3 views

  • The peasants were at the bottom of the Feudal System and had to obey their local lord to whom they had sworn an oath of obedience on the Bible
  • The one thing the peasant had to do in Medieval England was to pay out money in taxes or rent.
  • pay a tax to the church called a tithe.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Peasants lived in cruck houses. These had a wooden frame onto which was plastered wattle and daub. This was a mixture of mud, straw and manure.
  • For all peasants, life was "nasty, brutish and short."
    Great site for peasants! 
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