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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Garth Holman

Garth Holman

The Significance of Jerusalem in Judaism - Israel & Judaism Studies (IJS) - 0 views

  • The Old City of Jerusalem has within its walls holy places central to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These include the Western Wall, built by King Solomon in the tenth century BCE as a retaining wall to support the Temple Mount; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, commenced in the fourth century CE under the Emperor Constantine; and the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque, built after the conquest of Jerusalem by the Caliph Omar in the seventh century. The proximity of these sites reflects the close historical and doctrinal relationship between the three monotheistic religions.
  • Jews have lived in the land of Israel for nearly 4,000 years, going back to the period of the biblical patriarchs (c.1900 BCE). The story of the Jewish people, Israel, its capital, Jerusalem, and the Jewish Temple there, has been one of exile, destruction and rebirth. In its 4,000 years of history Jerusalem has been destroyed many times and many times reborn. There has always remained a Jewish presence in the land of Israel and in Jerusalem, and the Jewish people as a whole always dreamed of returning to and rebuilding it, a longing reflected in the concluding words of Israel’s national anthem, ‘Ha Tikvah’ (‘The Hope’):
    • Garth Holman
      So why Jerusalem for Jews?
Garth Holman

The Night Journey - IslamiCity - 0 views

    The story from Islam text about the night ride.
Garth Holman

Christian Art - 1 views

    Medival website with topics people, castles, weapons, battles, clothing, knights, music, swords, food, life, kings, crusades, architecture, and more.
Garth Holman

History of St. Patrick's Day - HISTORY - 0 views

  • Saint Patrick, who lived during the fifth century, is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. Born in Roman Britain, he was kidnapped and brought to Ireland as a slave at the age of 16. He later escaped, but returned to Ireland and was credited with bringing Christianity to its people. In the centuries following Patrick’s death (believed to have been on March 17, 461), the mythology surrounding his life became ever more ingrained in the Irish culture:
Garth Holman

The Middle Ages | Feudalism - 1 views

  • Working hard did not change your status. Your clothing, food, marriage, homes, etc., were determined for you. After the rank of king, the hierarchy was the nobles, the knights, the clergy (religious people), the tradesmen and the peasants.
  • You were born into a class of people and generally stayed in that class for your entire life.
  • profoundly affected by the rulings of the church.
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  • One of the most unifying elements of the Middle Ages was the Roman Catholic Church.
  • In the Middle Ages, there was a definite structure in society.
  • Following the pope, in order of rank, there were bishops, priests, monks and nuns.
  • Bishops
  • Priests
  • Monks
  • were very holy and lived in a convent.
Garth Holman > Fall of the Roman Empire, decline of ancient Rome - 1 views

  • $00 a year.
    • Garth Holman
      Assume that is 100 a year. A huge cost at that time.
Garth Holman

Magna Carta, Petition of Right, History of Civil Liberties : United for Human Rights - 6 views

    • Garth Holman
      We will spend at least a week on the story and events around the Magna Carta
Garth Holman

Roman Colosseum Facts | Kids Colosseum Facts | DK Find Out - 0 views

    Colosseum that explains parts.
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