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Steve Ransom

Principal fires security guards to hire art teachers - and transforms elementary school... - 3 views

    Funny... when you treat children with dignity and create beauty around them, they tend NOT to act like criminals. Create a school environment that's like a prison, and...
Brendan Murphy

MathRecap | Edited by Dan Meyer - 6 views

    I liked this post [Help Wanted] Can I Get Your Feedback On
Claude Almansi

Boring Yet Important Structural Ed Tech Initiative - 0 views

    by Kevin Carey on September 26, 2011 "Under the category of "policy stuff that doesn't involve grand controversy and/or vast sums of new spending, yet might actually make the world a better place," the other day I attended a White House event announcing the launch of Digital Promise, a "new national center founded to spur breakthrough technologies that can help transform the way teachers teach and students learn." The rationale for the initiative is contained in a Council of Economic Advisers memo ..."
Claude Almansi

Unleashing the Potential of Educational Technology - White House - PDF - 0 views

    Executive Office of the President Council of Economic Advisers Unleashing the Potential of Educational Technology September 16, 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Educational technology holds the promise of substantially improving outcomes for K-12 students, but there are significant challenges in bringing new educational technology products for this population to market. It is difficult for producers of these technologies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products to potential buyers and market fragmentation creates barriers to entry by all but the largest suppliers. The spread of broadband Internet and Common Core State Standards have improved the landscape for educational technologies, but these factors alone are likely insufficient for a "game changing" advance. Working together, stakeholders can form a plan of action to provide local school systems with easy access to good information about the effectiveness of various educational technology products and give prospective developers of these products access to customers on a scale sufficient to make it worthwhile for them to enter the market. The payoff - in the form of more effective and more widely utilized educational technologies, leading to better outcomes for students - could be enormous.
Vicki Davis

The Single Best Idea for Reforming K-12 Education - Forbes - 15 views

    A nice article in Forbes magazine. The move away from "scalable factory" modes of teaching is gaining steam in business. Educators wake up. Propose solutions or solutions will be given to you by those that may not understand education.
Tony Searl

Political Debate In Australia - 4 views

  • In 2006 I suggested that it might be time to actually define ''Education'', something omitted in the draft bill, and to explore its role in personal and community life, but this was rejected as too ambitious.
    • Tony Searl
      yep, what is education? Put it in the too hard basket. Keep doing what we've always done?
    This is by far the best-educated cohort in our history - on paper, anyway - but apparently lacking in courage, judgment, capacity to analyse or even simple curiosity, except about immediate personal needs.

Visions of Students Today - 12 views

    Wow! Watch the initial video, then click through some of the individual videos along the outside when it's finished. What are your thoughts on the message from these students? Another Michael Wesch video
    Impressive! But being a digital migrant still attached to text info, for browsing these videos, I prefer (call for submissions), then (initial video) and (all video responses). And (all videos tagged VODT2011) ;-)
John Martin

Rethinking Education: A New Michael Wesch Video | Open Culture - 3 views

    Vid from Michael Wesch about changing edu paradigms whether "we" like it or not.

Darling-Hammond: U.S. vs highest-achieving nations in education - The Answer Sheet - Th... - 1 views

    "The first ever International Summit on Teaching, convened last week in New York City"
Bret Willhoit

The Children Must Play - 20 views

  • Not only do Finnish educational authorities provide students with far more recess than their U.S. counterparts—75 minutes a day in Finnish elementary schools versus an average of 27 minutes in the U.S.—but they also mandate lots of arts and crafts, more learning by doing, rigorous standards for teacher certification, higher teacher pay, and attractive working conditions.
  • it had to modernize its economy and could only do so by first improving its schools. To that end, the government agreed to reduce class size, boost teacher pay, and require that, by 1979, all teachers complete a rigorous master’s program.
  • Finnish teachers earn very competitive salaries: High school teachers with 15 years of experience make 102 percent of what their fellow university graduates do. In the United States, by contrast, they earn just 65 percent.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Finnish authorities haven’t outsourced school management to for-profit or non-profit organizations, implemented merit pay, or ranked teachers and schools according to test results, they’ve made excellent use of business strategies. They’ve won the war for talent by making teaching so appealing. In choosing principals, superintendents, and policymakers from inside the education world rather than looking outside it, Finnish authorities have likewise taken a page from the corporate playbook: Great organizations, as the business historian Alfred Chandler documented, cultivate talent from within. Of the many officials I interviewed at the Finnish Ministry of Education, the National Board of Education, the Education Evaluation Council, and the Helsinki Department of Education, all had been teachers for at least four years.
  • Finland’s school system unique is that the country has deliberately rejected the prevailing standardization movement
  • Since 1985, students have not been tracked (or grouped by ability) until the tenth grade
  • The Finnish approach to pedagogy is also distinct
David Yaggi - 6 views

    Haven't read this yet, though high on my list. What other people are saying about this disturbs me a great deal.
Kim Yaris

Education Week: Averting a Train Wreck in Human Capital - 7 views

    Worth the read
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